I need advice


I want to get a faeries oracle, which one is the best for a beginer and what is the best way to start to learn about faeries.


Hi Lili

the only sugestiong I can give you is to go have a look at a few decks and follow you gut feeling .... the best way to choose anything..

BB Silkin


You might want to go to the Divination section of Aeclectic and do a search on threads on this subject. Both the Faeries Oracle and the Fairy Ring are discussed at length and in detail. In addition to these there is also Healing with Faeries by Doreen Virtue ... and there is another Faerie Oracle by Sulema something (sorry can't remeber the name). In addition to the oracles there are various fey based tarot decks to choose from.

My personal prefernce to start with is the Faeries Oracle, but that is simply my opinion. I agree that you should select a deck that calls to you. Your interest in understanding the deck will enable you to learn more about the fey and lead you to seeking additional information. Good luck!


Sulamith Wulfing (I think I spelled that right) is the one with another Fairy Oracle. It has nice art, but it's not really an oracle. Each card has a short affirmation on the back. You are supposed to go through the deck and choose the picture that appeals to you most at the moment. Then you turn it over. The quote on the back is supposed to be just what you need to hear.

I've never tried this oracle, but I've heard of it. I like the art, but the affirmations are too saccharine for my taste. But you may like it, who knows... and it sells for about $10 US. So it's a bargain if you're into that.

-- Kyrielle