I NEED this deck!!


Hi everyone,

I just saw the Nijinsky deck on the main page, and I decided that I HAVE to have it. It is, by FAR, the most beautiful deck I've ever seen, except for one problem, it's unpublished. How does one go about obtaining an unpublished deck? Is it simply unpublished and nobody can get it, or do you have to obtain it a special way?

Any help is appreciated!



An unpublished deck is basically unobtainable. It has not been printed in any quantity to be sold, even though the artist has designed it. About the only thing you can do is write , or E mail the artist/creator and inquire into getting the deck , and when ,if ever , it will be published. I would suggest you pick your second favorite and see if it's for sale! Good luck :) .


There are 2 that I might die to get my hands on If they are ever published! The first is called "Full moon dreams tarot" . I have a feeling it won't be published because of copyrights because there are pictures of celebs on the cards ? The second is "Vortex tarot" (hopefully with book!) and the 3 rd? I'm really looking foward to that Kactus Kayne guy getting his deck published! awesome!!!



Recently I emailed Lisa on the Vortex deck. She has a couple of smaller size Vortex decks that she has made up on her inkjet. She says they are about the size of business cards.

She told me she has a list of people to contact when they get published, but I decided I'd rather have a smaller deck than have to wait. (I have no patience when it comes to getting new cards!)

Love and Light,


hi geminilady! 'Ya know, I once printed a whole deck (it was free off the internet) on buisness card stock from the office supplies store. They actually were cute. But , I decided they were too small. So , then I got greeting card stock and printed the whole deck on that , spending a lot of time and ink! And eventually I wasn't satisfied with either deck. Perhaps it was the card stock because they were'nt laminated , or maybe the size? After all that trouble, I think I'll just wait for the "real" deck to come out ,if it ever does. I can't buy any decks now , and it is difficult being patient!