I recieved an FO but I don't now what to do!


I'm new to the faerie's oracle and I was wondering if anyone could please help me to better understand. I've been told by my friend that I shouldn't use the book but it's all I have, save for this, so if anyone has any tips or spreads or techniques, please let me know.

Thanks and Toodles



Welcome NekoFae,
Well now, lets not panic!
Why did your friend tell you not to use the book?
The exercises in the book are very valuable to do when you first get your deck.
Do the beginning exercises.
And then go through each card.
Write out what your first impression is then read about the fairy in the book.
The book is there to help you.
If you weren't supposed to read it it wouldn't come with a book, Right? :D

Hang out in the Faeries Oracle forum and read some of the old posts.
Just whatever grabs your attention.
You'll soak up alot of knowledge about the faeries just by doing that.
Many wise faerie people here to help you whenever you need them.
So post away with any questions or comments.
And feel free to revive old threads.
Tell us what your favorite and least favorite fairy is.
There are two special threads already started for that.

But most of all relax and enjoy.
The Faeries are very special.
And you are in for an adventure.
Congratulations on your new deck!

Aura Wolf

I agree with Lark. I'm still awaiting my Faeries Oracle (it should be here any day now) but from what I've heard, the book is very helpful. But it is a good idea to interpret the cards yourself first without the book, then use it to help you.


Thanks a bunch. I was also wondering, am I supposed to gain my own interpretations and meanings from the cards or am I supposed to use theirs?


I think you'll find that over time you'll gain a mixture of meanings that makes them very personal and special to you.
Above all remember there is no wrong way to look at or interpret faeries.
As you read the post here you'll notice that 2, 3 or 4 people will join in talking about a certain faerie and we all see that faerie in a different way.
No one is wrong.
The faeries just work in everyones life in there own specialized way.
Costom made just for you.

So look through the cards and write down what they say too you.
Then read the book.
You'll be very surprised!
Some of the faeries will be exactly as you saw them and some will be very different.
Thats ok.
Enjoy the difference, and you'll see a little wisdom in it.
And I bet you'll see something to connect that faerie to just how you saw it.
It's a very magical and wonderful experience the first steps with your fairies. Enjoy :)


"I was also wondering, am I supposed to gain my own interpretations and meanings from the cards or am I supposed to use theirs?"

Start with the book's meanings for each card, and then, like lark says, your own meanings will start to add themselves to the meanings in the book. See, the book doesn't just have meanings for each card - the book has *wisdom*. Even without the cards, the book is beautiful and useful to read. With the cards, it's a bridge to the otherworld. Beautiful, useful and magic.

Aura Wolf

I'd just like to add, one of the most important things you will actually learn is that everyone learns differently. The best way for you to do things is the way that feels right to you. There's nothing wrong with listening to other people's suggestions or opinions, but yours is ultimately what will matter the most and have the biggest impact on you. Do what you feel is right.


Just open yourself up to what you see. Let yourself react. Pick a few cards and either answer the questions listed in the book, or else just freewrite about them. It's all in your head, and in this case that's a GOOD thing!


The FO book is really useful, and another book I found helpful, which isn't directly linked with the Oracle, is 'Good Faery, Bad Faery', by Froud. It's an excellent introduction to the world of the faeries, and even has a few familiar faces. If you read it, though, don't be too concerned about who's a good faery and who's a bad one; all faeries can be good and bad, it's just a general categorisation.


Well. :)
I'd say that the first thing you should do is forget that you are going to work with _cards_. Faery Oracle is different from any other deck I've seen. You are going to get acquainted with different beings, who possess different wisdom. What is written in book is general traits of character. You are not _supposed to_ read the book first or work with cards first. It's a matter of your personal preference. As it was mention already, there's no right or wrong way. Let's say there's a person that you will meet soon. Would you prefer to read someone's opinion on his character or resume or would you leave it out to meet him in person to get to know him/her? You choose, obviously. ;)

I hope you will find soon the group you are most comfortable working with. (There are 5 of them, 13 beings in each if you decide not to read the book). Not that some of them (like the Singers of the Realms) are more 'advanced' than others, but they live way much longer, and their wisdom can be 'too wise' to learn at first. So, just look through cards and pick one or three that appeal most to you. Just ask for help. It may probably be not the 'help' you exprected, but they know what they are doing.

Start your acquaintance with faeries on the cards, not the cards! :)
Good luck and welcome to the faery community! :)