Hey Folks!

I saw a sign today, so I thought I'd share it and start a thread for everyone else to share their sign sightings and what they meant to you. I look forward to your posts!




I saw a whole bunch of blackbirds or crows in my path. I never see them much less a whole gang of them. I knew it was a sign, so I looked it up and blackbirds mean transformation. I was on my way to an important meeting, which went really well, so I'm thinking this opportunity will come through and create change in my life.


The other day while driving, I came to a stop sign and realized the cross street was the name of the city I would refer to my ex by. At the same time, the song I just called to say I love you by Stevie wonder was playing. He is alive from what i can tell. Wonder if he was thinking of me at that moment. I can't see why that would be a coincidence more than a synchronicity.

G6, I too see crows all the time. However, I see them more readily when was you said as transformation has or will occur. I also feel they come to a assure and comfort me during times of uncertainty. I see their presence exactly as you said; as sign post along my journey in life. ��


Oh gosh.. I see signs everyday and sometimes I want to ignore them. I'm getting better with closing these receptors lately which in turn has helped me to relax and just allow life to unfold.

The last sign was a bird who kept pecking at my window. These were loud banging pecks to the point where I was worried about the bird's health. Logic says that the bird was looking at it's reflection and was trying to peck "the intruder" away but this would have been the second time a bird and my house had a specific message.


I constantly see signs. Most come true, and some don't. In my belief, though, the universe is constantly sending us signs - it is up to us to see them and get the message!

My signs come via tons of number sequence synchronicity (always managing to look at clock or see time or message number 111), ravens, hawks, posters in windows, and snatches of convo overheard in public places.

G6, I hope your blackbirds did mean positive new things for you! That is certainly how I would have taken the message :love:


Does it count if I saw it last night? Driving to pick up my partner, I saw the odometer clock 2222. I took it to mean that everything was fine -- I stress for no reason sometimes driving in a new place, tending to miss turns and stuff :D It did calm me down to see that.


Sometimes I see 'signs'... just depends what kind of mood i'm in or if i'm focused on other stuff and things.

I've probably mentioned this on the thread before, but I see ravens / crows when someone who I haven't heard from in a while will contact me.... (And I really LOVE ravens and crows) and i see number sequences when I should be aware of stuff and things... kind like, be alert lol ... the 11.11 / 10.10 / 2.22 / 4.44 and so on... on the clock....

Sometimes i'll see a bunch of number sequences for ages, and nothing will happen then BAM! An incident / event is in my face lol