I saw/had an encounter with a...


...fairy? Ghost? Spirit? God? Alien? :D

I myself have personally had a few encounters that are not "explainable" without getting into the realm of spirit, so I thought that there might be others out there who might want to share as well. I have told only a very few people about mine and usually get a reaction along the lines of you-must-be-crazy... but we are all open minded people here at AT so I thought I'd share.

My very first experience ever was when I was around five or six years old and I believe I saw a fairy. I was convinced it was tooth fairy at the time, but here's the thing... I wasn't the only one who saw it, nor was I the first person to have seen it. My grandmother actually called me and my mother down the hallway to peek in my room and show us this little being of light that was near my pillow that appeared to be wearing a pink dress. I was shocked! I know it's easy to dismiss it as a child's imagination, but it's so hard for me to dismiss it as my mother and grandmother were also there to witness the same thing and I doubt they would have any good way to play a trick on me at the time as this was in the early 90's and they continue to have trouble with technology lol. We simply watched the little fairy for a while and then moved away as we didn't want to disturb it...

I had a (somewhat) similar experience while staying over at a friend's house one night with a few other friends.. the room was completely dark as there was no moonlight coming through that night, but above the area where everyone was sleeping there were dozens of little blue balls of light floating in the air and all of us could see them. I was frightened at first and thought I was the only one who could see them... but then the friend whose house it was explained to me that they are simply "the fairies" who come to visit every now and then and that we could all see them. I have a few more stories to share but I'm looking forward to hearing any of yours first :D


...fairy? Ghost? Spirit? God? Alien? :D

I have a few more stories to share but I'm looking forward to hearing any of yours first :D

well, didn't technically SEE them but I sure felt them around me! This was in England, we lived in the Salisbury plains for two years. The place is full of burial mounds and is ten minutes away from Stonehenge.

In short - lost a silver whistle while walking the dog...searched for it for weeks, to no avail...placed a bowl of milk for the fairies where I thought I had dropped it...returned the next day, the milk was gone and the whistle was lying about 5 steps away from the bowl. I had searched that area for a long time! So it isn't like I could just suddenly "see" it, and I had about 5 people suggest the milk bowl for the fairies thing to me. It worked.

Second, things randomly disappearing in the house, and then turning up in the strangest places! (i.e., socks in the glove drawer, reading glasses on the hallway floor, that kind of thing.) And in this house, here in canada, they have been turning my radio and fireplace on and off, disconnecting cables, and in general having "fun" ;p

Cool that you got to see yours manifest themselves!


I've never shared this with anyone, but this seems as good an opportunity as any to do so. I was around three years old, so this was looooong ago, but it is still very vivid. My parents had just put me to bed. My bedroom was dimly lit because the door was slightly ajar and there was a light on in the hall. Suddenly a bird appeared in a corner of the room. It was either a blackbird or a bluebird, not enough light to tell. I heard the flutter of wings as it flew down toward me. As it flew by, it lightly touched me on the forehead, then it flew away and disappeared. I wasn't frightened at all, but I called my parents to ask them why there was a bird in the house. They assured me that it had only been a dream. I didn't argue about it, but to this day I do not believe it was a dream.


I was an imaginative child, I saw the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and Santa Claus - well, my mom finally just admitted a year ago that "Santa" was really my Uncle Don in a Santa hat and beard peeking in the living room window at me on Christmas Eve when I refused to go to bed...

I have had a few very frightening experiences with ghosts or something similar, the worst time was when I lived in this house apartment all by myself and my cat saw something in the bedroom doorway late one night- something that stood there for a long time, something so terrifying to her that she was paralyzed with fear and started drooling and foaming at the mouth. And, the situation repeated itself a few times in a year's period. There was a suicide connected to the house right before I moved in, and a few other strange things happened, such as someone knocking loudly on the door in the middle of the night. I was not necessarily uncomfortable there, stayed for three years, but friends who spent the night didn't like the place.


I was an imaginative child, I saw the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and Santa Claus - well, my mom finally just admitted a year ago that "Santa" was really my Uncle Don in a Santa hat and beard peeking in the living room window at me on Christmas Eve when I refused to go to bed......
I was imaginative too, but never to the point of seeing things that aren't there or confusing dreams with reality.


As a kid I did have an encounter with something I saw.

It was early one morning, and we were getting ready to go on a day trip to the mountains. I had gone out to feed my duck, and the dogs. I heard some kind of unusual bird call, several times. I actually kind of looked around for the bird, because it wasn't a call I'd heard before. I was a nature loving kid, and was familiar with all the usual bird calls. I didn't see anything, so kept taking care of the duck, and petting the dogs.

I glanced around the yard, and on the corner of our fence there was someone looking at me. It didn't look human. Humanoid, but not human. The face itself was quite oval, with stark white skin, and red eyes. The nose was very flat. It had long white hair that blew a little bit in the wind. I was really scared, but I looked away and looked back to make sure it wasn't a hallucination or something. It was still there. It wasn't flat, it was definately a full-on head of something. So, then I moved so I could see through the fence to check if it was one of our neighbors playing a trick on me. No, I did NOT move closer, LOL. The face kind of made a grimace, and I saw it's teeth were very sharp, and it's tongue was quite red. My 3 dogs didn't bark, and all of them would cause a ruckus if anyone got near the fence on the other side, even people they knew. THAT probably freaked me out more than anything else. I got really scared, almost like something was making me scared.

I ran inside and told my parents what I'd seen. My dad ran outside and around the corner to see if he could catch the person - but nobody in our neighborhood was even awake.

I still don't have any idea WHAT I saw. The echo of something from our neighborhoods past as a camping/hunting area for the First Nation? Somebody playing a trick? Pretty good trick. The closest masks I ever saw that could measure up to what it was came out when the really good latex halloween masks started being available for sale in the 90's and this was maybe '70 to '72. Alien? I have no idea. I know it wasn't a hallucination. I am pretty sure it wasn't someone playing a trick, or I would have seen them through the fence.

While I was an imaginative kid, I certainly knew the difference between my imagination and reality.

It was a very eerie neighborhood. (And that was only one of the MANY strange things, and most of them didn't happen to me.)


Wow, these are amazing stories. I have never seen anything, but my mind has always been totally shut down to this sort of experience. I have sometimes had a vague sense that something 'other' was present, especially in nature, but I have always been afraid to actually 'see' something--so I guess that's why I haven't seen anything! I have developed an interest in elementals and would like to see them, but who knows if I ever will.


an encounter with mother nature?

OK not as exciting as the other stories here but I just wanted to share this......

One night when I was young....my brother and I were talking in my room. I was looking out the window and jokingly said " I just saw a flash" (of lightning) My brother started staring out the window so I played along and started staring too. Ahaha all of a sudden we saw a bolt of lightning in the sky......LOL we both hit the ground.

What's that saying?.....Don't mess with mother nature : )


I dont have anything supernatural to add from my personal life. However, i thought i could share this video of meryl streep talking about ghosts in her guest house... I think it is interesting..


cool video on Meryl Streep and I've loved all the stories. I've had many experiences too, and was also classified as a very "imaginative child". However, as many of you know, my mother was a psychic medium, and all my maternal family members were quite psychic and mediums also.

But, I can recall as a young child, meeting a young child spirit in the woods behind our home. Our home sat right next to some thick woods, and we kids were always in there playing. My brother made a tree house there, way up in the top of the trees, and so we practically lived out in those woods.

I met a girl about my age and her younger sister--and can to this day even recall 'their names', which wasn't like names you generally gave to children. My parents just felt it was an imaginary playmate, but I can recall her vividly and I now think it was perhaps a fairy or tree spirit. She didn't have wings-that I could ever see, but we had a great time together. This is the earliest 'spirit' that I can recall right now--possibly the first one I had come across.

My siblings and I always saw spirits in our home and elsewhere too--but quite honestly, none of us ever thought much of it, save that they were there to "see" mom, and give mom a message. My mother never made much about it either when we would tell her.

When we were older and out of the house, my parents bought a split foyer home, and when we'd visit with our children, the kids were always somewhat frightened about going to the lower level to play in the family room or get something from the pantry down there, because they always could feel a presence. quite honestly, we all could feel it, and we'd often see spirits there.

However, I have seen spirits in every home I've ever lived in and even in places I was visiting--as if they follow me. Our current home here in NY is loaded with spirits, and we've a name for the man spirit who tends to stay upstairs only. A bit of a peeping tom spirit, because whenever we have female guests and they go use the shower, the bathroom door (a very heavy wooden door that is shut tightly) will open up. :p I have one friend who refuses to sleep upstairs alone as a result now.

In the same home, we did have problems with one spirit leaving our doors to the outside open. I'd go grocery shopping, come home, and the door would be wide open. The door we never used, and kept locked-but it'd be wide open! We never had anything stolen or messed with, and then one night, while sitting in the living room watching tv w/hubby, on a cold night, the same door went flying open! Its also a very heavy thick door--and was locked. even the heavy metal screen door on the other side was locked tight. no wind, no nothing, just flew open! Another time, I had been sleeping and when I woke up and came downstairs, the door again was wide open. I was the only one in the house, so I had to have a serious heart to heart talk w/the spirit. I did so, explained how dangerous this was, and that I wanted them to stop doing so. since then, no more doors to the outside open, thankfully. But, we do 'sense' them in other ways.

I think the worst house spirit we ever had was at our home in VT. We had a walk in closet downstairs at the foot of the stairs, and at one time many years prior, the family who lived there used it as a bedroom for the ailing older man who owned the home with his wife. A bed was set up in there, as he couldn't use stairs anymore. Whenever my daughter or I would walk near the stairs, coming up or down, this old man would stick his head out and yell at us, "why were we here!" "Get out of my house!" that sort of thing. He didn't realize he was deceased--and had been for many years. I tried to explain it to him, but to no avail. I can still see this ol' man spirit. Very sad, really, and I tried hard to help him to cross, but he would have none of it. He still thought he was alive and sleeping in the big closet/room, I guess.