I saw the faeries


I was stepping out of my shower and this big cluster of shiny balls of light flew around me. Then they disappeared. But from feeling exhausted and drained for the last half of the year, I suddenly felt energised.

Thanks! Although my "zero" card is still missing (I didn't get it with the deck).


It's great that you met them!

When I was shopping the other day, they were flying and running and having fun around me and my bicycle... It's great, isn't it?

Haven't you received an answer from those adresses yet? Ask the Fae what they think about it. Maybe they want you to make a card of your own, or try something else. Just ask them, you will find out!



I'm so happy for you, and so jealous!!! Although I feel Them with me at different points every day, I have not seen one (yet!)

I can't even tell you how many 4 leaf clovers I've collected over the years, it doesn't seem to help ... lemme tell ya!


...but I think I accidently angered them because I was so surprised that I exclaimed "faeries!"
and then they disappeared. :(


Ohhh Faeries can be easily annoyed... don't take it personally ;)

They have no problems with teasing us in our world, but somehow take exception to frequent visitors to Theirs, eh?



seeing the fae

A LOOONG time ago, before I was even into spiritual awareness, I saw two fairies flying over the pool in my backyard. They were *kinda* playing with the water, coming down, touching it with their feet, then flying back up again. However, their actions were peculiar, they seemed to have been doing some kind of *ritual*. It felt like a marriage or something like it. I just watched till they flew out of sight from a window. It was fun seeing them.

Ever since I got this deck, I've seen things *in the corner of my eyes* but haven't *SEEN* them like I did years ago. I think it's great that you *saw* them. Their so much fun. I love em!


I've seen faeries while I was a child. Except didn't know they were faeries, if u know what I mean. :)

I always used to see these globes of lights...but always dismissed it as "the sun playing with my eyes" or whatever.

I tend to feel angels more than faeries, though.


feel angels

that is awesome! What would you define an angel being, or how would you best describe WHAT an angel truly is? is most interested. I mostly feel spirits, and other spirits of the sort (elves, dwarves, dragons, etc.).


well I guess it's just a feeling that the *thing* around u is an angel or whatever...
I don't feel the wings or anything, but I remember that whenever I had to practice the piano, I'd always seem to *see* someone standing behind me even though the room had only me. :p

Or sometimes if I was in a really desperate situation, I'd pray to St. Michael and then miraculously, the problem would be solved.

I remember when I was supposed to have an operation on my throat...I was dead scared...and then a few days before the operation, the doctors said I needn't have the operation because *somehow*, the problem wasn't there anymore.


Ooooooh! I see them all the time, but not in clusters like that. I used to get that every once and a while but not lately. I see mostly white and blue ones. I see them expecially when I am worried or when I am thinking about something significant. It's comforting.