I was just wondering


For about a year, I have found myself liking faeries more and more. It first started with a couple shirts that I got and then an incense burner, and now finally my faery oracle. And I was just wondering if there is ever a chance that I would be able to see faeries, and maybe talk and hear their voices? And also if this was possible I was wondering how I could accomplish this.


spend some time sitting and asking your fairies to communicate with you.

try lighting a candle and staring at the flame. have a picture of a fairie with you. look into the photo and ask the fairie's in your room to speak thru the photo....................this has worked for me with guides when i was just beginning. :)

and yes, it is possible for everyone to talk to fairies.......and with patience and if you keep trying, one day you may hear them too! :)

in light,
jade :)

ps i say "may hear them" because we all have talents.....strengths and weaknesses.........you never what yours will be until you try!