I was... manifested today.

Asbestos Mango

It was kind of weird.

I went with my mother to Wal-Mart, to pick up a chair she had ordered, return a couple of items and also do a bit of shopping. I left Mom to wait in line and went ahead and did the shopping, checked out, and when I saw that she wasn't in the spot where we agreed to meet, or stuck standing in line at Customer Service, I went toward the back of the store to see if she was in the Site to Store pickup area. I was looking for the doorway to the Site to Store area, and I glanced ahead of me and spotted Mom near the Fabric and Crafts department. I called out to her and she said, "I just called you."

Seems she had gone to the pharmacy, learned that I had picked up her prescription, figured I was wandering around the store lost, went to the Crafts area and just yelled my name and... I appeared. She had just called me and then heard me call out, "Mom".

Mom has a relationship with God or Divine Spirit or the All-Transcendent Whatever-it-is That Makes the Universe go... she just tells the Universe what she wants, and it shows up, and just then she was looking for me.

A minor thing, but I thought it was a bit eerie and decided to share.


that you could find each other at all in a Wallyworld astounds me. Those stores are So huge.


An affirmation for both of you! That's wonderful.


That's pretty cool Asbestos Mango! A bit of synchronicity! Right place, right time! :D

Especially if your Wally's has been re-organized like the one I shop! *shakes head* I'm not a fan of the huge superstores, but my shopping options are very limited. I used to be able to go in there, know what/where I was looking.....not anymore. :(


that is cool, A.M. :)

Briar Rose

I think it is amazing you kept in-tune through all that polyester.


Some people have a talent for this.

My husband is a little too frugal. When he is around I second guess every purchase. (My own purchases, using my own money.)
When we go to WalMart together we split up, usually going to areas on opposite sides of the big SuperCenter.

It has happened to me so many times, that, just as my hand is reaching up to a top shelf to grasp some item I am interested in, I hear him calling my name. I turn around and there he is, asking me why in the world I want to spend money on THAT.

Oddly enough, this same thing has happened a couple of times when we did not even know the other was going into a store that day...just as my hand is reaching up to get an interesting item off the top shelf of a Home Depot, for example, I hear his voice behind me, "your not going to spend money on THAT, are you?
(Oh, and we are way out of the age when we physically keep close tabs on each others whereabouts, in fact we spend almost half the year apart, on separate Continents.)


OMG Tuilirose : )

I can just see you.....look left...look right...look over your shoulder...grab the item and run to the checkout : )

On those days I have to work overtime and I have things to do after work....I tell my guides I need a parking spot so I can get on with my plans....and I can only recall one time the spot wasn't waiting...BUT a spot did become available within a very short time.

Asbestos Mango.......I believe very much in manifesting.

Asbestos Mango

Mom is really great at manifesting parking spaces. No matter where we go, she gets one. If she's having a hard time finding one, she just says, "OK, Divine Spirit, where's my parking space" and one appears.

Lately she's been thinking of things she wants and she goes down to the community room in our apartment building where there's a table where people put things they don't want anymore up for adoption, and finding the thing she wants.

I wish I was that... connected.