ideas... feasible or not?


Hey all,

I've just been browsing over some of the deck ideas, and had a few ponderings...

Has anyone ever made a deck illustrating the process of making a deck? it would probably only interest serious collectors/readers, but i'm curious... you might have to make it more of an oracle deck, but you could have things like 'trial and error' or 'new beginnings' or 'inspiration', 'completion' 'or something...

I also though of a deck along similar lines of the universal symbols deck, but using windows/linux/mac icons for symbololgy... [probably not for mass production due to the copyright laws] but if someone was interested in computers or something a little unsusual... eg -- [ok, if i was to ask a proper symbologist, these are probably way off, but these are my interpretations, most are fairly obvious]

- the 'apple' logo [forbidden fruit, rebirth?]
- the ? in the circle [help, uncertainty, questions]
- the star [ hope, the future, fame (haha)]
- the reload button in IE [rebirth, a cycle, the circle of life, completion]
- the stop button in IE [ death, end of a period in life]
- search button in IE [searching, fine details that may be overlooked]
- MSN messenger logo [family, friends, partners]

Great expectations deck --
i think there are so many situations and characters in this book that would suit a deck. everyone seems to be hiding something, and they have many different angles to them. If you wanted, you could just turn it into a charles dickens deck, but as i have only read GE, i can't really comment on the other books, but i'm sure theyd definately come in handy.

simpsons deck -
this would be amusing. many characters, i'm sure someone could find a way to work them into a deck [probably wouldnt be that good to read with, characters arent too complex, more as a novelty thing i guess?]

I'm sure this has been done, but a flowers/tree deck?
on many sites they list certain flowers and trees as having certain associations and meanings, so i bet this would make a great deck.

thats enough for now!


Two women (Julianna & Sue) are working on a flower/plant deck at the moment, they've got most of the images for it in some shape or form, on computer. It's to be a majors only deck & Julianna had just emailed me asking what would work as a back image on the cards. So one is in the works.

I'd like to see a Simpsons deck also. AND a Monty Python one (Ace of SPAM! Yeah!).