Ideas for a T. Deck


... looking to create my own deck, was thinking of creating something along these lines ... sample link below.

<i>The link above no longer functions.</i> - Feb 2004

Anime-mangaish ... but wasnt sure if its a good direction (artistic expression) ... but essentially I want an image re-intepretation. =^.^=

Since this is also my first deck design, I'm sticking to basing the deck to some conformity of symbolism to the Rider-Waite. Maybe other types later on ... if i'm confident enough.


I also like the Clamp decks, Chinese editions

I prefer the RG Veda, rather than a few of the X1999 illustrations that you posted. I include a link below to more scans of their decks and other illustrators as well.

There's a few really phenomenal anime titles out there in English and Japanese, for instance, the Spiral into Horror series from Pulp or the Spirited Away title. If you wanted a wider audience, Spirited Away's
storyline and characterizations might be a sample of a Disneyesque cross-over of illustration styles.

If you like the darker, award winning anime, I found Spiral Into Horror won a few awards...but I know so few titles, that my suggestions might sound silly.

An Asian illustrator did a beautiful graphic novel called Robota and I also saw an older Lo Scarabeo Tarocchi of the Robot title, no relation. But I had thought if I wanted something different,
I'd check the futuristic graphic novel and the Tarocchi deck out and try to make a similar storyline. It would be a unique deck, although I don't know if it would be that interesting a theme to people.

Good luck. For some reason, mixing sci-fi/fantasy and tarot seems popular. I actually liked the RG Veda because it was somewhat related to old fashioned courtly feudal romantic and fantastic otherworldly beings...

Mari H.

Lady Eclipse

Hi darkling_raven,

I don't see why you couldn't re-create something along this line. I'm all for people expressing their creativity via tarot so jump right in and create...create...create! :)

Joy to you,


Whatever direction you take, as long as it's your own, it will probably work.

Since you're posting someone else's work on the web, though, you might want to take a moment and at least give credit to the artist and, if possible, a link to the site where they were originally. In the best of all possible worlds, of course, a statement that they were used with permission of the artist would be really neat...


darkling-raven -- please post your art when you have it ready to show. you'll find the people here very receptive to tarot artwork. I look forward to seeing it.


thank you

Thanx for the responses =^.^=

They were more than I expected at this point.

Mari_Hoshizaki the Sage
Thanks for the great links, I checked them out already and they're great :) *hugs*

Lady Eclipse the Citizen
Thanks for the enrouragement. Its nice to have anon. support from strangers =^.^=

Astra the Synergist
Thanks for the advice. I will remove the linked site above since its really no longer necessary & and replace it with some things I'm in the middle of working off. Thanks for the notice on intellectual and art copyright notice. :)

Rota the Elder
Thanks for the support and I will post it as soon as possible. Well in working condition anyways & I do hope ppl are receptive about it :)

The following is, however, a sample of ONE of the styles I'm working on for one of the cards. I was thinking at first of deeper, darker style (second & third link).
<---------- thanks for all the feedback though =^.^=


in progress

inked with white space



Couldn't get the links to come up at all. I think you need to specify a page, rather than a graphic link, for geocities, so they can get their advertising to work.


Just to say--the links have worked fine for me, on all these posts. And the work is beautifully done, darkling_raven! I look forward to more.