Identify This Playing Card Deck - Japanese artist?

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I know it's not tarot or an oracle :). But playing cards are often used for divination.
On that note, can you identify the playing card deck show below?

I believe it is a Japanese artist but not sure. I would love to get this set so if you know,
please reply here. Thanks! :D


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Wow, those images really feel RWS-inspired. How interesting!

I have no idea, except that the little devil on the 9 of Spades is saying, "Haro~!", which is roughly "Hallo." :) Also, the 9 of Cups has the symbol for "gold" on their breastplate/swimsuit. I think "Guts!" is supposed to be a look-how-tough-I-am thing.

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Yes, they do seem RWS-ish now that you mention. But I know I have seen these images in comic strip form but can't remember the name. Here's hoping someone with a younger brain than me will come up with the artist!!! :D

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Maybe someone can help out with this. I really like these cards.

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c'mon, no one has seen this comic strip? :)


Try babydream ?


baby_dream - a member here. She deals in Japanese and Chinese decks all the time; she's an ace seller. And knows her stuff.