If for the last time you're to suggest only one deck to all ATers, which would it be?


The Tabula Mundi, I'm so in love with this deck I don't understand why everyone does not have a copy.



My favorite version is the AGM Tarot of A.E.Waite, but it may be hard to find. The USG Smith-Waite Centennial is also good, but the coloring is a bit somber.

Glass Owl

I had just been lying on my bed in that really low place when the mailman knocked and the package was from Gabi with a deck she had given me. That truly was a huge rescue for me emotionally and it's my most dear deck to read with to this day.

At two low points, I found myself gifted two decks from ATers that I consider my most treasured decks. The Victorian Romantic Tarot (gold edition) and the Hoi Polloi Tarot. I thank you so much for them. It isn't just the physical items either, it was the thought and love that went into these amazing gifts.


...which would it be?

The one that touches & speaks
to their heart, mind & soul...
merges intuition & reason
into one whole.

Whether based on RWS,
Thoth or Marseille,
if it's the 'right' one,
they will know right away.

And i hope once they find it
and/or it finds them,
they'll treasure, for always,
this true tarot gem!

~littlebird :)


Fountain Tarot. Absolutely hands down. It's one of the most lovely decks I own and the imagery is so layered and complex that I feel like it works for both beginners and veteran readers!


RWS I think. It was my first deck and it is burnt into my mind.

Also Thoth and Tabula Mundi.


Ok,well done,now I am crying.This is too sad,too final :( I'm going to miss this place...

The touchstone tarot by Kat Black,this is a deck that wouldn't of been without some kind person on here who funded it privately,I'd love to have known who so I could of thanked them.Its a magnificent deck.Detailed and full of depth.It really speaks to me.I love how everyone is looking out of the cards,just like they're going to say something.Its a magical deck.

Ok,Since most people said three (which is so AT whenever asked about favourite decks and has always made me smile cause glad its not just me :) ) I'm adding two more-bohemian gothic 3rd edition,its just awesome,and magical.
My third one is silver era tarot by Aunia Kahn and Russell J.Moon,its classy and detailed,with black and white images with just a teeny splash of colour added in each card,and I never see this one mentioned so thought I'd get it some attention.


I'll go old school... Universal Rider-Waite-Smith.


* Tabula Mundi Nox et Lux.
* Medieval Scapini (but only if you can find the older version!)
* Liminal