If you were a faerie, who would you be?


Sagitarian gave me the idea for this thread.. in one of her recent posts, she mentioned asking the question "If I were a faerie, who would I be?".. and then pulling a card....

So, I tried this last night... and I pulled the Green Woman...

Its funny, bc this isn't a card I would have picked as a favorite.. but when I read about her, I found her pretty cool... !

....If anyone else out there asks this question of their deck - post your answers! :eek:)


Neat. I got the Journeyman. He couldn't be more appropriate for me. I am definitely a traveler and I always approach new things with a childlike innocence. He looks a lot like the Fool...

Ruby Red Slippers

Dolphinprincess....thanks for the thread...

I decided to try this exercise, shuffled and fanned the cards. As I closed my eyes and repeated the phrase over and over, "If I were a faery, who would I be?" I went back and forth over the cards several times, repeating the question. I swear I heard "well, you are awfully slow for a faery".

I picked the Singer of the Chalice. I have picked this card several times before. Sometimes I wish I'd get the other faeries more often but the Singers visit frequently.

Being an optimist, a Sag, thinking of myself as a communicator in my career and a bridge in my spiritual life, perhaps this is the best reminder to always keep an open mind and heart to allow for the "flow"

Hey, wait a minute.......that is my New Year resolution, "Go with the Flow, and be alert for signs from the universe".
Jeeez........RRS slaps her hands across her forehead......wack me with a 2x4.......now I get it..... LOL



i got the singer of initiation!
that was completely unexpected, but i guess is quite aptd, as lots of changes and tests have been happening in my life over the past few years.
perhaps its telling me that i also need to help others through their struggles.


The Sylph, certainly, with her eternal curiosity. I see her hovering about someone's head, trying to peer into their ear and see inside their brains.

Nelys the alchemist is another candiate. I'm a crafty person (as in, I make stuff. I"m not sneaky), and she has the peaceful and concentrated look that I'm sure I have before I undertake a particularly difficult new cross-stitch patter or figurine to paint. The transformation of raw materials into complete artwork is vital to my life.

Wisp Wings

Hi Dolphinprincess, I too read that post where Sag talked of having asked the cards that question and that same evening I asked them this for myself. Funny, since now having just read the many that have posted, they recieved not the card(s) that are among their most favorite. This was the case with me too, although I have liked this fae and felt a likeness before.

"If I was a faery, who would I be?" Mine was Losgunna. I can certainly see how that this would be for me. To point out some highlights on Losgunna, the keys for her are "Sunken treasure. Discovery of self. Adventure." This fae is about exporation and searching out the heights and the depth of her world, and her inner self. I had had years of some troublesome times and thankfully those times are long in the past. From the book about Losgunna, "we discover parts of our talents and potentials that have been hidden by old traumas and misunderstandings, or by lack of opportunity." She wants you to experience, to be free and to live! Be as a kid and enjoy the mud between your toes and go about making your castles in the sand. One thing I had to do, regardless of the chaos was stay very much in tuned to my inner self and follow that directive. When you look at her, there is activity around her, yet she is serene as she sits atop the mushroom, looking so peaceful, almost as if in a meditative state. Lastly how that I see the connection is the watching, listening to the Universe, being able to see patterns and so important, she wants us to pay attention to our dreams. Synchronicity is big for me. As for the dreams, how like this that my signature, the quote is so fitting of that!

Sag, thank you for sharing your experiences of the faes with us and Dolphinprincess thank you for opening this thread. I hope this will be a FAVORITE MUST DO exercise for all to experience and I hope they all share their card drawn.


When I asked the faeries, I could actually sense them thinking "which one of us IS she like?". Apparently, it's Gawtcha!
I think that's pretty accurate, I do like a bit of chaos. lol.


Solus. When I first pulled this card I was a bit surprised. Me? Solus? Uhm... Ok???? And then as I sat and asked the fae to help explain and read the book about him, it finally dawned on me that ok, well yeah, I suppose I am in a way.

And I think he came out today to let me know that things are going to be ok. (I've been having a really tough time lately, but that's a whole other story...)

Shadow Wolf

I did this just now as read this thread and guess who I pulled

Gawtcha !!! I don't have time now, I've been here too long here already !!! I have to get ready for work !!!

I'll read about here again and get back to you about how I feel about that !!!

Laura Borealis

I just tried this and I got Oh! That Gnome. This is the trickster faery that wears Brian Froud's face! I said, "Oh, you're kidding me," and he said back, "Yes, I'm kidding you!" But is he? :p