If you were on a deserted island...


Ok, this is a broad question, but I was wondering What is your favorite deck? You know, If you were on a deserted island and you would have to take one deck with you...which one would you take? I know...it's so hard to choose. I have the Zerner Farber...who is like home to me...but always have the tempting Buckland Romani on the shelf begging me to shuffle. Then there's the Crowley Thoth...which I don't even own, but I've seen the artwork and it's electrifying...so it's definately on my list.


Top 5 All Time Favorite Desert Island Tarot Decks, random order
1. Vertigo (hands down the best)
2. The Phantasmorgasmic Theater Deck
3. The Faerie Oracle by Fround
4. Merry Day Tarot
5. The one i wanna design but haven't gotten my act together YET. (okay this is cheating but I do have two styles in mind for a design)

Top 5 All Time Desert Island Tarot Books, random order
1. Tarot for Yourself
2. Tarot Games
3. The lwb for the decks
4. Tarot and the Tree of Life
5. Tarot Spells

Top Five... ah, hell, i is tired. Thanks for this question tho... i likey these things. OF course if i were ever to really be stuck anywhere. my cd's would all be in MP3 format, all my books on a eBook thingy and well, we wouldn't be having this conversation now would we.

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hmmmm, i'm not sure i'd have much of a use for a tarot deck on a deserted island. i'll take a solar powered rechargable flashlight first...


i'd take my robin wood deck, though i'm really getting to love the tarot of the cloisters...

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No doubt about it, my #1 deck is the Royal Fez Moroccan Tarot.

This deck was meant to be mine. I had a reading done for me at a party about 10 years ago and the reader used this deck and for some reason I was just drawn to it. It's not the best artwork in the world, but it just called out to me. It took me maybe three years to even find the name of the deck (this was pre-internet if you can remember that far back!), and another 6 years to actually get my hands on it.

It had come up on e-bay several times, but I was always outbid at the end with the final cost going as high as $75 - 100. And then I fell across it at a small metaphysics shop I've been in a million times in Seattle and they sold it to me at the published price. So like I said, it was MEANT to be mine!

This deck is brutally honest and never fails to surprise me. I use it for better than 95% of the readings I do. It goes with me everywhere I go.


How about a Tarot deck which is edible, just in case I starve to death? (Kiama runs to Tarot cupboard, pulls out all her decks and starts nibbling the corners of the cards, trying to determine which deck is the tastiest.)

Or a deck whichis massively huge and waterproof and does not mind being turned into a raft...

Okay, seriously now: Robin Wood. Straight up. Each card is an old friend to me, but would probably end it's days as firewood for a lonely, cold, castaway...



A really REALLY BIG one! I'd use it to do a very large spread so that the search and rescue team could see it from the air.

I just hope the helicopter pilot is a reader....

Rhiannon :)


The Elvis Tarot that's been suggested in "Firelite Fortune Teller" in Talking Tarot section of forum.

Actually, the Robin Wood deck - absolutely.


I'd have to take my Rider Waite and my playing cards that I use for reading with - then if I got really bored I could make card houses with the playing cards :)


I'd take my Medeival Scapini Tarot or the russian tarot of St Petersburg.


I simply would not be able to go to the island. I don't have a real problem with the decks. I would have to take both my Goddess Tarot and my Robin Wood. The problem would be that I would simply refuse to go with out my book shelf full of reference books (Tarot, Runes, and other asst. Metaphysical Stuff), Stephen King, and Dean Koontz. I would also refuse to leave my candles, incense and mood music. Of course I would have to have my Mary Kay so that I would be a pretty corpse..........

Ah hell, I guess I would be Ginger. Wouldn't make a good Gilligan. One outfit...EEEEWWWWW! :-D