III Empress--Archeon Tarot


This is one of the few arcana in which Lantz chose not to use Moon imagery. In fact, the image is quite light and bright. The lowers in the foreground speak to the Empress' fertility qualities and her connections with abundance and Spring. Her youthful appearance represents the maiden-into-mother aspect of the Empress: the second part of the Triple Goddess--she is the bearer of life and love. The exaggerated crown represents her devine nature; and the grapes kind of connect her with the Fruit of God (or the Goddess).

Howerver, she does not look happy--just complacent. She knows that giving life will inevitably bring death...but she's content with that knowledge, and understands that death will swing back around to life again.

Go Lantz!

Blessed Be, FS


We don't see this empress in full. Only a part of herself. She seems a bit shy. She also seems to be soft, as not having a cruel heart. I like the addition of the white flowers in the corner. It bring purity into mind.


Her crown is also not fully shown. The ornate crown appears to be too large for her head and to me symbolises the materialism of the Empress that comes along when there is abundance in life. It is hard to have abundance without enjoying it, wanting it and judging and being judged by it.


There is also a hint at the cycle of life the flowers symbolizing spring the rebirth of life in all its aspects the grapes representing the height of summer the celebration of life the harvesting of what the earth has produced but she (and we) also know that there will be winter coming soon a time of cold and darkness but in with we still have the gifts of the earth in the form of the grapes turned into wine as symbol of joy and transformation but also a promise that living in connection with the earth is a cycle of continuous transformation sawing, growing , harvesting and waiting and preparing for a next turn.


FaerieStorm said:
Howerver, she does not look happy--just complacent.

To me, she looks sad. The type of deep sad that never goes away like the loss of a child.


The creator of love seem a bit too young.


She is definitely the 'darkest' Empress I have seen on any deck, but I like to think of her as the muse for Love's creation, and a symbol of Luxury. Like many Expresses, her subjects admire and adore her. She is young and lives in the lap of luxury - something all of her subjects want! - but she is confined in her station and is relegated to a world of guards and gates. She is too often thought of as a precious, fragile gemstone - much like people think of love or the wealth they have acquired - while inside she wants to be set free, to pour out her generosity with others and to be in the company of friends, rather than fans. While she appreciates the adoration placed on her by others, it is really she who admires other's ability to give of themselves, to live freely and joyously (and oft times in sorrow), rather than be caged in a cotton box of perfection.


I love this card because of how close she feels when I look at the cards. The border on the card seems like a window and she is just outside. I may have to agree that she looks a little young and the card image seems a bit out of focus.



I think this young Empress is weight down by her crown - her calling.
The vine spilling out of her crown - or head = knowledge also speaks of the need to tend a vineyard -> an empire and see, that it brings forth fruit. That is a lot of responsibility!
She however is also weight down, restricted by the "flowers" hung on a chain in front of her.
Sorrrrrrry to spoil the fun, but these are Teeth!!
One molar and and at least an eye tooth - or wisdom tooth.
this lady has teeth loooooking to those of you that do not read X-rays of skulls for a living - like flowers.
What a symbolism!
She has a well concealed bite to her = her power as an Empress I do not think she is tooooo fond to use these, but they too are part of her regalia....