quite appropriate card for me to draw, it's my soul/personality card.


An Ice Blue colored Queen Mother Fey sits in a castle- in a castle meaning she is not indoors upon a throne. No- the castle is the throne. Her crown is a simple band of gold, her gown a royal purple with Diamond Eyes as decoration. Around her wrist is is a wood bracelet set with stones of the same blue color as the Feys pigment. In her arms she hold a cub of some fey critter. The critter is a blend of bear or dog {they can look the same when little}, unicorn & bird....hmm. The critter holds on to the fey and gets rubs from the queen.
The queen looks out over the horizon as she holds the critter close.


(edited to remove emotional content)

And notice too that the turrets that in most castles are used for protection -- for keeping a lookout, for shooting from, and for pouring boiling oil from -- have been turned into gardens.



The Empress sits tall and erect in the center of her castle, the tallest part of which is at her back like the backrest of a mighty throne. The turrets are empty of people, though thay do hold fine gardens for those who would climb to the top and enjoy the view that for now seems only to be for the Empress. Her windswept hair, uncontained by the plain gold circlet that serves as her crown, waves in front of her eyes, but she does not blink as she stares off into the pink sky. Her other ornaments are simple and few...only a wooden bracelet adorned with small greenish-blue stones and a plain wooden arm cuff break the expanse of her smooth blue skin. She is alone but for the small pup which hugs her arm. Cute little thing it is, too, with it's golden fur, angelic wings and spiraled horn. It's eyes are closed as the Empress' hand strokes the fur between it's wings.