III The Lady


I´d like to start a thread for The Lady. I hope it´s ok. for you? I´d very much like to hear your comments on this card.

The Lady is sitting on a throne by the river. It´s summer, maybe August, since the wheatfields are yellow and the apples are already getting red. Her pregnancy is very advanced. She represents the abundance of Mother Nature. There are flowers and fruits everywhere.
What is she looking at? Her big belly? Or the flowing waters below?
Her expression shows some fear and uncertainty. She also looks very young. which bothers me a little, since she IS the Goddess after all (according to the book). So why should she be afraid or uncertain?

I really love the little statue of the Venus of Willendorf at her feet. There are flowers around it,too, as if this young Goddess would have been connecting with the ancient one.Maybe she has had a ritual for the Venus of Willendorff. They´re both pregnant and they both share the secrets of the journeys into and out of life. They both represent aspects of the Great Goddess.

The throne has three dots which according to the book remind us of the triple nature of the Goddess and also of the Celtic legend of Ceridwen and Gwion. The same three dots can also be seen in the Three of Swords, in the Chariot and in the King of Pentacles´ throne.

What if the wheat she holds is cut from the field in the Hanged Man card, with the sickle which is there on the field? Who has cut it? The Hanged Man and the Lady are both waiting for something. For the child to be born perhaps?


Thanks for starting a thread on this card!

The Lady is more of an autumnal card to me, in the ripe harvest she holds. To me her expression is one of contentment for what she materially has, wonderment for what will come in the birth of her child and desire to connect with her sensual side, shown also in her toe tinkering with the water's edge, she does not look to the sky or internally, she is content with and trusts what nature has bestowed on her and intends to nurture that.

Correct me if I am wrong, but do the seven stars on her crown indicate the seven chakra's? If so then perhaps this card denotes an abundance of good health or perhaps healing?


I think she is looking at the statue. She doesn't seem to be afraid at all, just very much open to everything around her.

ana luisa

To me this card is all about strength , and self confidence that comes after you´ve lived a lot. She´s o.k. with herself, she´s not afraid of giving birth, her feet are planted to the ground and even though she is very sensuous , her "force' and security are almost masculine. She is like those women who are pillars in households, to whom everybody turns to, who hold tears so others feel stronger to face adversities. She is well loved, well-lived and almost self suficient. Also, she passes this message of "when you know, you don´t fear." When you truly love the world around you, you have to embrace it."
A true MAMA.


the Lady on the box

I just got gifted with this deck and book set yesterday. It's an odd gift because I know nothing about Druid lore. I don't know what to do with it yet but the art is the kind you stare at for a long time.

The box has the Lady on the front and the first two thoughts that came to my mind were, her feet are soo swollen because she is pregnant.
She has everything she needs for a healthy abundant life, lots of whole grains and fresh fruits.

and I wonder what that little statue is saying, that she is listening to it so intensely?

also what astrological sign will that baby be?

I like the way the grass and flowers are thriving in the cracks of the rocks. and the apples in the cornucopia are the same as on the tree, so I think the season is later harvest. Apples come ripe later than most other fruits. I think she's sitting close to the ground because she is so much a part of the Earth's harvest, but she'll have a hard time getting out of that chair that pregnant.

There are three pegs on the leg of the chair, I wonder if they came from the top of the throne? There is a deep red velour shawl with fringe under her. A flow of red from under her dress. I thought about how fertile life can be pregnant or not

What art this is! I feel like I'm sitting in the stream on a rock with the rushing water beating on my back while we listen to what I've just read is the Venus of Willendorf....

Maybe I will open the box..:) Hh

also could you spell out how to pronounce card fourteen.?


I think the Lady is listening to her baby. It's not really listening, but that stillness that comes over you went the baby is moving around and the world sort of goes out of focus... as is nothing else exists.

Or maybe even feeling some contractions. The ripe apples may be the key... the time is Ripe, the wait is over. In Lamaze classes, they tell you to have some focal point and concentrate on that and breathing through a contraction, so that maybe what she is doing. The goddess is her focal point.

I love this card, the colors, the water, everything about it.


I like that thought, Waleswoman. That she's listening to the creation inside her. Hh


I get the feeling she is enjoying the abundance and she loves the baby inside of her but she is about to give birth and the seasons will change .

Maybe along with the changing seasons is also where she goes to the middle aged goddess from the young one or at least on the cusp


Ohhhh The comment about her listening to & feeling the baby brought back memories of my pregnancies :) Im sure that is what she is doing knowing that the little miracle of creation is about to be born ~ she is ready & looks very calm. To me she seems the perfect balance of woman as mother & as wife & lover ~ she has it all sussed...good for her! :)


I thought that her dress was decorated with tiny flowers but when I looked closer they were actually bees. I looked up the significance of the bee in Druidry and the first thing that popped up was Philip Carr-Gomm's site:

"Bees are considered sacred in the Druid tradition: they symbolize community, celebration, organization. Thanks to their honey we have mead – used as a sacred drink in Druid ceremonies."