Ilbe the Retreiver

Shadow Wolf

The fairies are working their magic again.

I woke up this morning feeling so calm and peaceful, it was a feeling that filled my whole being. I have'nt like this for a long time.

Then I started thinking about all the things I wanted for myself and ultimately gave up on. They are trying to light a fire under me to start working on these things again. I had been studying to get the credits I need to get my common branches certification,
this would allow me to teach in a regular classroom. I was also working on getting my portfolio together for when I decide to
take my doctoral degree. I always go along really well for a while then stop. I'm not sure why.

The fairies have once again inspired me to continue working on these things with the assurance that I am indeed on the right path................................................

Yay for the fairies !!!

Ruby Red Slippers

He came up again?


Ilbe has been following me!

I lost my housekeys a couple of days ago, which annoyed me because they have a keyring (a green rabbit since you ask!) my other half gave me. And of course it was annoying having to knock on the door to be let in.

Then at work (I work in a library) the key to the dvd cabinet went missing...coincidence??

I did a 3 card relationship reading- basically we have all the usual problems all couples get after living together for a few years, but this weekend we had a long, tipsy discussion which I felt brought us both closer. So I was feeling more positive about 'us' than I had in a while, and, trying to build on that I asked the faeries:

1.What does he bring to the relationship?
2.What do I bring to the relationship?
3.What does the relationship offer us both?

They answered:

1. Tobaira of the Waters
2. Spirit Dancer
3. Ilbe the Retriever

Tobaira is surrounded by any number of fae folk, laughing and splashing and joking- this is his friendly, open nature which is so good for me, shy person I am. He is also nurturing and fun like these water fae when he wants to be, although he can have a temper like boiling water sometimes!

Spirit Dancer is my spiritually questing side...when we were talking tipsily he said 'I know I get annoyed at you...but you are definitely the most interesting girl I have always been reading or thinking about some new crazy theory!' Hee, that sounds right..of course at my worst I am overemotional and obsessive...

I looked at Ilbe's laughing, sparkling black eyes and knew it was he who had been hiding the keys...I think he is trying to tell me he has recovered some of the feelings between us I thought were gone forever...some of the dreams and hopes I had when we had only been together a while and it was all fresh and exciting...that I need to be more careful and handle such things gently and respectfully, not carelessly as I have done...

So I stood up and loudly said 'Ilbe, if you have hidden my keys, I would like them back now please..I've learnt my lesson I promise!!'

I bet you already know I found my housekeys and bunny keyring on my closet floor where I already looked twice!! :) Ilbe says I looked but did not see. Well! I shall have to watch my pockets with him around....


What deck do you use Shadow Wolf please ?


greenbeans said:
I bet you already know I found my housekeys and bunny keyring on my closet floor where I already looked twice!! :) Ilbe says I looked but did not see. Well! I shall have to watch my pockets with him around....
Thank you for sharing Greenbeans. Seems like you have had another Faerie experience *LOL*.

Memries, I am pretty sure the deck Shadow Wolf was using when that was posted was the Faeries Oracle as she posted this thread. The card she was referring to was Ilbe the Retriever.


Ilbe the Retriever came up for me the other day when i asked about something i've given up on. so is he saying 'don't give up just yet'? i'm still learning to read with this deck.


BrightEye said:
Ilbe the Retriever came up for me the other day when i asked about something i've given up on. so is he saying 'don't give up just yet'? i'm still learning to read with this deck.

I think he is asking you to try and look at the situation for different sides. Don't give up, analyze. As he is the Faerie Keeper or Lost things, hopes, and dreams, there might be more than meets the eye, and perhaps there is no reason for you to give up.

What things stood out to you the most about the card when you looked at it? What things popped into your head? These are valuable clues.


I got this deck as a present a few years ago and had fun studying the cards and the book...
Now I found that there is a thread about it!
So I got the cards out again seriously looooooking at them to choose my favorite.
Ilbe the Retriever won!
He had some stiff competition from Doomolus Gloom, who looks sooooo sad that I wanted to hug him and make him feel better --- until I realized that he has my number this way - pushing my buttons....
Then there were the Fee Lion - but somehow he looks suspicious and accusing. I do not need that.... just bevore midnight ...
And there were the Friends! I liked them, but with them I would always just be the third wheel on the wagon and they do just fine without me.
That left Ilbe the Retriever! He is someone who is on my side, rooting for me and keeping an open soul out for me!
So Ilbe it is!!


Interesting connection...

Ilbe came up for me today in response to my "Who wants to spend Valentine's Day with me today?"

I'm still new to this deck, and am drawing a companion every day, so I haven't met all the faeries yet. But the first thing I noticed about Ilbe was that the shape of his head reminded me very much of the Singer of Connection. The way his ears are pointing outwardly up, and his hair angles down...I saw the same pattern as in the Singer of Connection's image. It was really interesting to me, and made sense, as they are both about uniting us with something that we have been disconnected from.


That's interesting, I never noticed Ilbe's connection to Connection before.

Oddly enough, when I went looking for his card to see this for myself, he was hiding on me, lol. I must have gone past him three or four times before I tracked him down.

But anyway, Ilbe is a very special faerie for me. He's helped me track down any number of irreplaceable items (including my work key: I work in a bank, that would have been bad!) so I have spent a lot of time trying to figure him out. These are the thoughts I wrote down in my journal about him after finding my work key:

There is a lonlyness bout Ilbe. He seemssad, carrying his little crystal almost lazily: he knows it is only an object. They are lost all the time and can be found with ease, or replaced, or lived without. They are not like people, who are a lot harder to find and impossible to replace. Sometimes Ilbe can't help the lost people --- they are too broken or too lonly to see his helping hand, and that is why he is so sad.

But there is also hope in his tiny eyes, and the smile of pride on his face, and when we ourselves are lost, or have lost something, Ilve is there to help us whenever, if ever, we're ready. Then his crystal becomes a light to help lead the way home, though Ilbe has his own light, too: we can see it glitering between his antenae. It is a light of wisdom and hope, and it will guide us if we dare to follow.

Looking at him now, I can't shake the thought that he is alone, and a little sad, because people only come to him when they need help finding something? So it makes me happy to see that he was chosen as at least one person's favorite card, and got to spend Valentine's day with another. I think he sometimes needs a break from all the: "Ilbe, where did I put my ______"