I'm exited, people!!!!! THE HOLOGRAPHIC TAROT!!


I just got in touch with an agent about my holographic cards!! I am *definitely* going professional!! I have an issue with going to individual celebrities to obtain their permission; if I *must*, I will go with snapshots of faces of people I know whose permission I can use. Either way, this deck is going forward! I *hope* to be able able to post my images soon - there *is* e-mail, or maybe that isn't allowed...?


Best of Luck to you!





Right on :) You go girl :D

Good luck on your business venture.. all the best wishes to you...


*jumps jumps* YAY! Another tarot deck! Good luck! :D I don't know why you have to use celebrities' likenesses, but it's your deck and you know what's best for it. ^_^ Just remember that you can use *my* likeness anytime! :D Just ask! lol!


Vis-a-vis celebrity visages...

...Well, I used the celebrities I did out of deep feeling for their representing the archetype the image is of. However, since this is only going to give me trouble, ultimately I have decided to go ahead & shoot my own pictures. If you wanted your face in, if you could give it to me, I just *might* use it... (har!) :D


Remember to use modeling release forms so the person being photographed has written proof that their face is being used for the deck only. You can find model release forms online, or in the book called 2004 Artist Reference Book (the library should have back copies in their reference section, just photocopy the form you need).