Im official...again..


I just recieved them today...i think before i was not quiet ready for them..I hope I am now...have not had time to play..but going to do the fave and universal one soon.


YEAH YEAH RedWood! I'm looking forward to hearing anything you and your Fae have to share around here. I just ADORE a good faery tale :D!!!

I've had fantastic experiences with this deck, and find it refreshing to work with when my mind grows tired from too much Tarot.

Wee wee tra la la ... DO tell us all about your new adventures, if and when They come.



welcome to our bandwagon. Some of us have been on this lovely fae ride for a while, others are new to the world of fae, like myself. laughs. I look forward to your posts too. They are the best in my opinion!


Welcome back RedWood!!! look forward to your posts :)