I'm working on creating a tarot card deck


I'm currently constructing a personalized Tarot Card deck... The images are in my TR3 portfolio at www.musecube.com/tarotreader3/ . I'd like feed back from people on how they think my representations pass or fail, and also feedback from people commenting on the images as an individual artifact, rather than how they exist in terms of the tarot.

any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.

for the suits i'm using the following (not added to minor pictures yet)

swords: WWII bayonet
wands: candles
cup: uhh i don't know yet, a cup of some sort
pentacles: mirrors with pentagrams on them in some sort.... i think. That's the idea, whether it will come to term or not is still in the air.

Mystic Zyl

I admire your ambition to create something new with artist flavor. However, I do not like reading with cards that have photos of real people on them, I find it is too distracting. I also wonder, am I reading for the person in front of me or am I feeling the vibration from the person in the card. Good luck, I know lots of decks people buy that have real people on them that are successful. If you are using WWII bayonets for swords, how about a canteen for cups to go with that same era?


You might like to come on over to the "Creation" forum. You'll find a lot of good stuff there and many people working on decks.

Oh - and welcome to Aeclectic!

Very interesting to see your cards - thanks for posting them. We also began our deck by using real photos of people, but found it hard to make this work (the comment from Mystic reflects the
way many people feel about this). However, I notice you say the deck is for your own use, and that is quite different - only you have to relate to the cards.

Best wishes :)


Yeah, I too have a problem with decks using photos of real people. Here's my reasoning:
An individual is a very specific person, with all the attendant peculiarities that an individual has. The expectation of a tarot card is that it should represent generalities or the Eternal, truths that don't fade or change. These two things are so widely separated on the spectrum that it's hard to make one stand in for the other.

All that said, I think the artwork is quite good. Clearly you're a person with a highly developed aesthetic sense, and I quite like the up-to-date-ness of the images. You seem a bit vague about your concepts, though, and it seems to me that considerably more thought and preliminary artwork is going to have to happen before you gain a clear notion of where you're headed with your deck. I'd look forward to seeing the various tests and iterations as you proceed, because the work is so well done.

If you're going to continue using a photographic approach (which, on its own, seems fine to me), it might be well to figure out ways of 'removing individuality' from the images of people you choose.


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Well first off I really enjoyed your aces quite a bit especially the ace of pentacles.

The moon was also very beautiful and called up many of the associations I have with the card as a sign of introspection, shadows a little bit of fear but also solace.

I did think that the titles were a little too dark to easily read. Maybe if you lightened the background around them?

The high priestess card was a lot of fun and was very different from any other version I'd seen. Maybe you could give us a little more info about your choices there.

The Empress seems to still be under construction. I'm guessing that the young lady in the card has a very empress-like personality so when you read with the deck the meaning might click for you but folks who don't know her proably won't get it. Maybe give her a crown?



Yeah the words were too dark. I was doing the editing on my laptop which shows things far lighter than they actually are. I've changed the colours around, making them lighter and easier to read (not updated on the site yet, but done on my computer).. as for the high priestess it's a card "of knowledge, instinctual, supernatural, secret knowledge" and I think this is shown by the computer board in the back ground. Knowledge and computers/internet/transferal of data has come to rely on computers (for a large part atleast. The oral culture still exists, thankfully, but it's no longer as big as it once was. Even texts are being replaced). The joyful playfulness of the model i think represents "her willingness to illuminate what you otherwise might not see" just the ability to know things and not care about saying them, just going for it, but the eyes throw back to computers where not everything is revealed to all, and while things like technology may hold answers it's not always easily revealed. also the transition between borders, while this high priestess does not travel to the netherworld for answers she again links up with technology, which while i love and embrace it, i still think has a darker side (being raised with the terminator movies will do that to you... especially T3 proving that there is fate aside from what we make and that tech things can cause trouble)... mm hmm. Also the person, to me, is very much like the high priestess.

Major Tom

I think it's great that you're creating a tarot deck for yourself. :)

You've made an excellent start and I'm glad to hear that you've lightened the cards - some of them were too dark to see on my computer (which tends to show things darker than they are).

As far as using photos of real people goes, I think this is a particularly effective method of creating a deck for yourself. My own deck in progress features photos of my friends and family. ;)

Oh! Welcome to the community. :)

Thanks for sharing your work with us.