Images in my head...




Actually, does anyone else get images of them when you're trying to fall asleep? ;)


My boyfriend does. But, on the other hand, he says he doesn't have the artistic ability to do them as he sees them.


Yes! On the night a few weeks ago when I ordered the Faeries Oracle, just before falling asleep I had the image of what I now know is a gnome. He was small, chubby, very dark and hairy, and he was painting something. The next night I saw a bunch of faeries, just sort of tumbling about, and night before last I saw a large number of eyes peering out of small round faces, all crowded together. I must say I'm glad I knew they were Fae folk, otherwise I would have been pretty freaked out by alll those eyes!


Omgosh, I totally had a similar expereince! But I have only purchased the "GF/BF" book and yet to see the oracle deck.

I guess this is them saying hi?


I did see one while I was laying in bed *wishing* I were asleep. I had woken around 4 am and was in bed when I saw one in my head, very clearly. It was so clear, I wrote about it in the "What Fae live in Your home?" thread.