Improving Your Relationship Spead (5 Cards)

Glass Owl

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In this spread, the bottom two cards represent the origin of the problem from both you and your loved one's point of view. The upper three cards are a Thought-Word-Deed spread that provide approaches that you can use at different levels of your relationship to improve the situation.


1: Your point of view
2: The other person's point of view
3. Your Thoughts
4. Your Words
5. Your Deeds


Thanks Glass Owl

I just got done writing this down..I'm anxious to try it out. I really liked this spread because the position names are concise and to the point. It seems to me also that this would be a very empowering spread to use because it gets right to how MY behavior is causing problems..instead of going into a long,windy history of the whole relationship..
Have a great day,

Pendle Hill

Thanks Glass Owl, I love your 5 card spreads! I only do 5 cards myself, so i'll add these little gems to my little black book. My very best wishes to you.