In need of ATG expert


Ok, So I don't really need an expert, but feed back would be good. So far, I have not too much progress on my Alexander the Great Tarot Deck (just in case you are wondering ATG stands for Alexander the Great) Here's what I'm thinking the major arcana will be like (if there is nothing next to the card, then I haven't thought of what should go there, and if there is a ?, then it means I'm still thinking about it)

The Fool- Alexander
The Magician- Aristotle
The High Priestess-
The Empress- Olympia
The Emperor- Philip
The Hierophant- Oracle of Zues-Ammon
The Lovers- Roxane
The Chariot- Bucephalus
Strength- Clitus
The Hermit- Diogenes
The Wheel of Fortune- The Gordian Knot
Justice- Philotas
The Hanged Man-
Death- Achilles (?)
Temperance- Hepaestian
The Devil- Darius
The Tower- The Pharos (?)
The Star-
The Moon- Persia
The Sun- Macedon
The World- The Empire

If you have question, comments, ideas, or whatever, just let me know. Also, I hope it doesn't anger any history buffs or anything, but I do plan on taking some artistic lisence with character appearance, costume, and setting.

Oh, and for the suite of wands, I was thinking of making it the suite of sarissas- the famous Macedonian spear!

Phoenix Spirit

alexander the great is closely assosiated with the begining of cleopatras rein, so mabe you should have her as one of your cards?


That's a really good idea! I didn't think of that. Cleopatra would be good in the minor arcana since I wanted the majors to be based specifically on Alexander and the people and places that were involved in his life. But in the minor arcana, I wanted to include events in his life, and things accociated with Alexander. Now what would Cleopatra be best as? I'd really have to do a bit more research on her before I decide. Thank you for the idea.

Phoenix Spirit

your very welcome!

if you look up alexander the grate on google, you might find some interesting things on him and his connection with cleopatra. it'll aslo give you information on other aspects of alexanders life.


You've got the Empire, would you put the army in there anywhere? They were what won him all that territory, after all & did play a huge part.


You know what HudsonGray, I never did think of that. Now I feel sort of dumb for not. I wonder where they would go... hmm, my cards are changing all the time, so who knows what's going to go where.

Also, I did do a bit of research. I found out that Cleopatra was one of King Philip's wives. After her married her, Both Alexander and his mother Olympias were afraid that Philip and Cleopatra would have a boy and Philip would proclaim him heir instead of Alexander, but obviously that never happened.

And one more thing, would it be extremely odd if for the minors, I had images, but not necessarily of the suite symbols?

Phoenix Spirit

it depends on your taste in tarot cards and if it would be too confusing.

if you can clearly tell what the card is meant to mean then it should be alright.

i personaly have no objections and don't think anyone elce would see a problem with them.