In need of...


I fell in love with my best friend, and he claimed he felt the same. We just needed to take time to let my life settle after my the mean time someone came between us and things went horribly wrong. At least they feel so very wrong.

Does anyone know of a reading where I might get some insight as to what happened...or if someone cast a spell or did something to cause my world to come crashing down?


If someone could do a reading I would be most appreciative.

I went through the Index, and couldn't find anything that really fit what I needed to know though.

It's the most bizarre thing, and right now I just feel so lost.


I'm afraid that asking for a free reading is against the forum rules...

If you do your own reading you could post it in the Your Readings forum to see if anyone can help you with it.
You must remember to post your own interpretation of the cards or again, it will be seen as a free reading request and the moderators of the forum will remove it.

I'm sure folk will be able to help you with the reading, as it is really difficult to read for yourself when you're emotionally involved...We've all been there.


With my original post all I was really looking for was a layout that might give me some direction...

I know everyone's been in this boat...and it really blows...especially when it is someone that has been a part of your life for so long and that you love so deeply.

I wasn't trying to go against any guidelines...I'm sorry.


Been in a similar situation... it was a total desaster at the time.

The spread I use for such things is the diamond spread I got from my grandma... no idea how to put it in a post though, it always looks wrong with I try.

I need to get back into reading for others, maybe we could do an exchange, as I also need someone to do a reading for me (on a simpler matter). I think that's allowed.