In the twilight shadows...


Preconceptions! What a concept! I remember the pilot of Star Trek: Enterprise where a Vulcan (T'Pol?) said to the human crew of the starship before they went "out there": "Challenge your preconceptions or they'll challenge you."

Some time ago I posted a status update in a large local science fiction/fantasy forum frequented by up-and-coming and amateur writers. It read:

"I've always been there, in the twilight shadows. That's why you never saw me. I've been there before you and I'll be there after you, in the twilight shadows."

I got several comments and many were really interesting proving how our preconceptions shape our impressions even when we see the exact same thing.

A horror writer said: "What, are you turning into a rapist? Who else lurks in the shadows?"

A fantasy writer said: "It's a mystery. Like something from an old tome."

A gothic horror fan said: "Are you a vampire?"

A hard science fiction writer said: "It's nice, I guess. But what does it mean exactly?"

A dadaist poet said: "It's too lyrical. Not my cup of tea."

An anarchist writer said: "So, did you have some bad &%@# for lunch today?"

A fantasy writer/fan with an interest in spirituality said: "You are talking about faeries!!!"

* * *

I was talking about faeries...

Briar Rose

Yeah, I thought about faeries too. Nice thread. I enjoyed it. Thank you.


Yeah, I thought about faeries too. Nice thread. I enjoyed it. Thank you.

You are very welcome :)

I forgot to mention that I told the people who had replied to my status update that I was talking about faeries, after all the comments, but most still didn't see the connection with twilight etc.

I suppose it's the same with tarot cards, come to think of it.