Inaugural Intensive Deck Study (IDS) Support Thread


I really enjoy it ! :eek:)


afrosaxon said:
Wow...I can't believe it.

As of today, June 5, I have completed an IDS of all 79 cards in the New Orleans Voodoo Tarot.

Congratulations, I think thats amazing, especially with a deck like the NOVT.

I keep wanting to do this with the Liber T but I get sidetracked and end up doing my dailies.


The IDS is officially over for me. I've been journaling on the 78 cards of the Thoth, and it was a very good experience, I learned more about this deck in the last 2 1/2 months than ever before.

I registered for the teleclasses given by Robert Place, so now I need to restart practicing with the RWS and get familiar with the Alchemical.

I also received the Tarot of Prague from Tarot Garden this morning, and I could not wait to open the box. The cards are stunning.


Good for you, arcana17! It must feel great to be at an ending . . . I feel like I'm just beginning. I don't know yet if that's a good or a bad thing.

I'm journalling very successfully - well, I think I am, and I have to keep reminding myself that that is all that matters! I've done the Fives and Sevens and Strength, and I'm about to start on the Tens. I decided to post them in the study group for the Wheel of Change, mostly because it is somehow a way of getting closure for me, not leaving it open-ended.

What system??? I hear you ask! I pull a card :D and then journal the set - if it's a Prince, I do all of them, if a Major then it's just that one and onto the next set. I am liking the process of doing the set all at once, as I'm gaining a deeper comprehension of the creator's meanings for each number, which vary a little from other systems I've seen. The Courts vary even more, and thankfully :rolleyes: I've not had any of them yet!

\m/ Kat


I have decided to end the IDS here :)
I still like using the Steele Wizard for readings, and I will journal my readings better than I used to do, but I will not journal the deck card by card.
Thing is, the deck is a lot like the RWS, and I don't see much point in detailed journaling of card by card, I get more from this deck by just using it, not studying it. It will remain my main reading deck, for now, but I am really itching to give more study to the Tarot of the Spirit, I hear it calling to me loud and clear. It is a very different deck, Thoth-based, and with less scenes on the minors.
When I use an RWS-based deck with fully illustrated minors, I find it works all right for me for daily draws or mundane readings, but when I want to delve deeper, I find there is something lacking for me. It is as if the detailed drawings keep me from finding the real meaning, instead of helping me.
So, Tarot of the Spirit it is !
And yes, so close to the end of the three months, I could have gone on and stuck to my rules, but this feels like a natural ending to me. I only made the rules for myself, and I feel this is a good reason to stop.
I don't feel like I am giving up, but starting a new exciting adventure.


I'm going to stick it out through the end of the initial IDS period. So far, the Tarot of the Crone has seen me through some life-situations and really shed some light on them for me. I'm still finding I do better with getting the meaning through actually working with them and seeing how the cards apply to daily life- as opposed to studying card by card. I may, at some point go back and do that. I don't think I'll ever stop using this deck and studying it, but at the end of the IDS I won't be using it exclusively.

I think this has been a very good thing for me. My "need" to aquire new decks is definitely diminished and my desire to really LEARN the cards is increased. So, I feel that I've gained a lot. I also think I can devote time to decks now indiviually so that I can learn more.


Still going strong with my Liber T. :thumbsup: Readings better than ever: more concrete, more specific, more direct. 144 (rough) pages of book written!

Personally, it's been a VERY strange spring on every front and the LIber T hasn't failed me once. In fact my shifting digital organic Liber T screensaver reading kookiness has become one of the most useful things at my desk. Nothing like a quick 3 card reading in the middle of a business call. And in a weird way, those virtual pulls have associated certain cards with certain very specific situations.

I don't even want to use other decks at this point. And no intention of stopping the IDS. Looks like I'll continue through the summer to see if I can get the actual "Golden Dawn deck" text written in between deadlines...

Loving loving loving. Can't imagine stopping. :)


I have realized today that it's only two more weeks until the planned finish line of my IDS with the Lo Scarabeo. However, I'm feeling "married" to it right now and somehow I have no inclination to start using another deck for readings.

Maybe I will open up the IDS concept to include the comparative method a bit after the 21st, but right now I can't even imagine that.

The familiar RWS ingredients give me a lot of confidence and foundation, yet the cutting edge of the intertwined Thoth symbolism and the beautiful structure and order from the Marseilles take my readings with this deck into a whole new realm, and I don't feel I'm anywhere near the end of the journey yet.


thorhammer said:
I am liking the process of doing the set all at once, as I'm gaining a deeper comprehension of the creator's meanings for each number, which vary a little from other systems I've seen. The Courts vary even more, and thankfully :rolleyes: I've not had any of them yet!

\m/ Kat
After I finish looking at the relationship of the cards by their astrological associations, I'll have to look at them by rank across the suits and maybe even do a tarot constellations thing by looking at all the ones - Aces, Magician, Wheel of Fortune and Sun.

Yeah, no way I'll be done with the IDS by 6/19....



Looking forward to June 21st~ :)

The exercise in self-discipline and focus has been very beneficial, so I’m glad to have made and held to this IDS commitment. As I continue to journal, I’ll incorporate my Universal Waite and favorite reading decks. Comparative studies with my decks is something I’ve missed.

Just days into the IDS, I received the Morgan Greer in the mail from a trade; and, thanks to the generosity of BlackAirplane and the MP Contest, I now have the Vanessa and the Ironwing Majors. You can imagine how excited I am to get to know my new decks~

Most of all I miss my Golden and my DruidCraft~

See you all at the MidSummer party when the sun enters my sign~ :cool2: