Incredible Dream Featuring Robin Wood Tarot


Just thought I'd share this interesting experience I've just had. I'd welcome any comments about it.

I've been searching for a new tarot deck. Over the past few weeks I've just had this sense that I need to purchase a new deck to deepen my understanding. I've spent hours on the net looking at all the different decks and sample cards and taking note of which ones I liked. I had a list of about 14 possibilities. Anyway, last night before I went to bed I was on the net looking around and I realised I'd never looked at the Robin Wood deck. I had heard of it and heard positive things about it but for some reason hadn't looked. So I went in and there were 6 sample cards, I looked at them for about 10 seconds and then clicked out of the screen and thought 'oh I like them, I'll put it on the list'. Didn't think any more about it and went off to bed.

I had the worst nights sleep. Tossing and turning and I kept waking up and felt restless throughout the night. When I woke early in the moring I had a perfectly crystal clear vision of one of the cards I'd seen from the Robin Wood deck (I didn't know which card it was at this stage). I had been dreaming of the card - her image was clear, her features and the colours of the card but not any of the things around her. I had a sense that she was calm and that she was some kind of fortune teller.

My partner woke just after the picture of her began to fade in my mind and he asked if I'd slept well. I said no I hadn't and he asked if I knew why. I said that it was probably because of the full moon. Now strangely enough the full moon wasn't that night but the following night (tonight). I didn't even know why I said that.

I went off to work and the image of the card was in my mind quite clearly all day - just the woman, nothing else. But I felt a sense of amazement or something just picturing the card.

I got home from work, back on the net to find out what card it was. It was the High Priestess. What amazed me most was that she holds a crystal ball and there was a full moon in the sky above her. I also looked at the other 5 cards and suddenly the meaning of all of them seemed far clearer than it has ever been when I've used my other deck.

As I'm typing this I'm wondering if it sounds even remotely interesting to any of you but for some reason I feel compelled to post this. As you may imagine, I'm very keen to get my hands on the deck and have already called a store and am picking it up on Saturday.

Has anyone else had any similar dreams, or visions such as this?



How nice!!

The Robin Wood tarot deck was my third pick. Beautiful artwork and traditional. Rated PG-13. So a little more introspection can be useful here.....

Anyway was a must for my collection, hope you enjoy them.


Fabulous Dream!

I have always maintained that the Robin Wood deck is my all-time favorite.

If you buy her deck, go to her website and get her book, too!


What a great dream !!! Robin Wood making sure that you don?t go out and buy some other decks, eh :D
I find it facinating that it?s TheHighPriestess showing herself - you?re in for some incredable experincings with this deck :)
Enjoy - may you have some great times together in the future :)

( reading this I wonder if my tone sounds ironic ??? please, that?s not how it should sound like. I?m being quite sincere. )


first, the full moon is full for three nights so it was a full moon last night.

second, to dream of the high priestess and for her to bring such clarity into your conscious mind..........that is a gift.

do me a favor. when you get the deck, put the lwb (little white book) away and don't use it to understand your cards. let her, the high priestess guide you instead. i believe that you already know all the meanings and truths of these cards.........she gave them to you as a gift last night, the most spiritual and psychic of all nights, and you should cherish her gift to you and not 'fog it up' with the books meanings.

let us know if you decide to try this and how successful you are! :)

in love, light, truth, honesty and integrity,


Oh how wonderful for you. What an amazing experience! I understand how you feel! It was the Hight Priestess who led me to this deck as well. She did not come to me in a dream, but she did jump out at me! A friend allowed me to look at her deck since I had never seen them. When I took the deck from her, a card from the middle fell out (don't ask me how) and landed face up on the counter. There she was! She was/is so beautiful and full of magic, I knew that instant that this was an amazing deck. After inspecting the rest of the deck, I ordered it on the spot. It is now my main deck. At first, I just used it for myself. I didn't want to share her! Now I read with my Robin Wood almost exclusively! My friends that I have used this deck for have commented on how well this deck and I click. Since I started using it, my readings have become more clear and accurate! Now when I pull the High Priestess, I just know that something wonderful and magical is about to happen.

Congrats on the purchase of a wonderful deck! I would follow Jade's advice about the LWB. You will be amazed at how well this deck can speak to you! Good Luck!


well, the robin wood tarot is my favorite also.
i never saw her in a dream or vision, only once in real life, at a pagan festival last year. i got her signature on the blank card from her deck. and we talked for hours. but i already had the deck of course. i did buy one of her prints too - she's a great artist.

luv and light,


I have not had an experience that even comes close to that but I have to agree with everyone here in that it is also my favorite deck (I actually have 2 copies ... long story - but cannot part with either). The Magician is what drew me to this deck (he is sexy *LOL*) when I was simply walking down the aisle in a bookstore. As the High Priestess in my Soul Card I have also connected with her very closely ... and when I entered the Justice card in meditation I learned a lot ... this is a powerful deck, and the beauty of it is that it is great for both begginers and advanced practitioners. It was this deck that took me down the path to discover my true spirituality ...


Well, I collected the Robin Wood deck yesterday and am very happy after spending some time looking at all the cards. I have decided to take the advice of Jade and Starshine and forget about the little book. I'm looking forward to spending some time with this deck. I appreciate the feedback on my dream.



Did you tell this dream to Robin? You can get her at, I believe.