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Making bags and boxes and this includes links to other threads

A list of threads on the issues around gay and lesbian themes and tarot

A Crocheted tarot box.

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List of threads on trimming decks collected and maintained by rainwolf

pippi's expanded trimming thread

A really excellent vid by ladybird on Edge Treatment on Tarot and Lenormand Decks


What to do when you keep getting the same card over and over and you don't know what it means?

How to work out personality, soul and year cards

Your tarot Birth DAY card

Your tarot YEAR card

Your tarot Life Card

The Shadow card

Personality, Soul & year Cards

A fun online quiz which supposedly shows what card you are

Tarot correspondances A discussion about suit correspondances to element, direction, quality.

Where oh where has The Devil gone?

Reading experiments this thread gives some very creative ways of readings. cf also Tarot Study groups: Index of threads

Who's Who on Aeclectic: gives a list of members on ATF who have published work.

Native Amercian culture and tarot

Used or second hand decks

Tarot cheat sheet: from NexyJo

Good vibrations? An excellent discussion on whether tarot cards have 'vibes', and on the meaning of meaning

Tarot: Does it work? How?

Difficult subject... about the appropriation of worldwide cultural values

List of possible tarot questions

Mysticism or common sense? Do the cards themselves have 'something' as tools of magick?


Tarot Certification Board of America
- a discussion and appraisal

Tarot Association of the British Isles - courses

Some discussion of TABI in this thread

Vanity Publishers

A well researched web site on the "Vanity Press" here.

baba-prague said:
Love it Chris!

Did anyone actually send him money? I must say I assumed - after the reassurances he gave to my initial sceptical queries (here in some ancient post somewhere) that he was someone who just didn't understand the business of printing - the figures he gave never remotely added up - rather than anything more sinister.

However, while we are on the subject can I please urge people again to read through this excellent site - "Writer Beware":
There is a lot of material there, but do at least read this summary page (and be aware that the publishers listed are only the worst tip of the iceberg):
The "Vanity Publishers in Sheeps Clothing" section on this page is also a must-read:

Publishing is notoriously full of scams right now - disguised vanity publishing (where you basically pay an inflated fee for nothing more than print and production - which you could arrrange for yourself for far less) is very common.

Remember the basic rule - if money goes from the author/creator to the publisher in ANY form and in ANY amount (eg you have to agree to buy books before or after printing, you have to pay their editors or agents, you have to pay for "storage" or "returns" etc etc - there are many possible forms of disguised payments hidden in scam contracts) then RUN. Real publishers never ask the author/creator to pay for anything. Period.


On why the 10 of cups doesn't always mean total bliss

Free pic re-sizer to create avatars

Is a Christian able to use tarot for divining?

Calculating shipping costs to send books and decks

Is is OK to offer a reading without being asked? a very thoughtful and in-depth discussion

Knapp-Hall method for non-illustrated pips

What was that great tarot website?

Titled Where to draw the line? this thread evolves into a lucid and far reaching discussion on the respective roles of the reader and the sitter in a reading.

Titled My take on spreads (spontaneous/intuitive) this thread is a far ranging discussion on the benefits of an in depth study of the cards. their symbolism and history as opposed to a strictly intuitive basis for reading the cards.

The instrument is its own teacher is a related and worthwhile thread on this same topic.

A really good discussion on how honest a reader should be and the responsibilities of querent in return to be honest.

A discussion of timing in readings. Not how to do it, but more a general discussion.

Beyond The World - Extra Majors a discussion of the value of adding extra majors to a tarot deck. i.e. do they add anything? is it still tarot at this point?

Deck preference: Plug-n-play vs. Study Required has many many thoughtful posts on the nature of various decks and how people interact with them.

A lengthy and thoroughly thought-provoking thread that started as a Rant and developed into a very insightful discussion about the nature of reading, collecting and how they interact and how they do not.

The Secret: Tarot and the New Thought Movement Anyone interested in how tarot developed and its root ideas would read this thread.

Controversial Views starts as a bit of a rant and winds up, in the later pages with some good points: see pages 14 and 15 especially.

How important is Symbology in Tarot to you? Post #5 alone is worth opening this thread.

List of Tarot myths all the things you should *not* listen too when you start reading tarot!

Is the Fool's Journey an appropriate metaphor?

Numerical positions of the majors

Musty smelling cards

A great post on the process of altering your deck and being realistic about it.

When is a theme deck not tarot?

Interpreting the cards in a health reading by nisaba

An excellent list of questions to ask the tarot.


How much do the cards influence you?

Seasoning a deck..... about living with one deck, through everything.

Tarot in the Middle Ages

Points of tarot-related interest, in and near Paris.

A thread on spreads for Daily Draws

Tarot: Predictive or something far deeper?

Online computer readings: how to understand and approach them.

Is Tarot Dying?A brilliant discussion of the possible future evolution of tarot.

Deck Criticism A lengthy and occasionally acrimonious but excellent discussion of what criticism is useful and impacts of it.

eBay Master Certification thread group essay