Totally just realized that the title is a double whammy. Yum.

Threw this spread together to answer the simple question "Why do ---- and ---- do what they do, and how does it influence me?" The double whammy lies in the fact that I wrote this about my siblings' drug use. I have yet to test this and would like your input.


1) My view on the situation
2) Person a's view
3) Why person a does this
4) Person b's view
5) Why person b does this
6) How a's behavior effect me
7) How b's behavior effect me
8) The combined influence.

Could easily be edited for more than two, or just for one persons influence. Will post notes and the such after testing. Feedback welcome, please and thank you.


Looks like a clever little spread - I love the way it's split into two sides and the upper cards are like a sum of the ones below them (I'm a bit of a mathematician so it reminds me of a Pascal's Triangle for tarot XD)

I look forward to hearing the results. :)


I have the results all written out just not posted. It was hard enough typing all of the first post on my iPod, let alone an eight paragraph reading. I will say that the locations of the two major arcana cards did give me plenty of surprising insight. And I know mainly from growing up with these two that their "why" cards were morbidly spot on,

I'd like to know if anyone else tries this spread and consequently what their experience with it held.

EDIT. Posted results. Still on iPod, sorry for typoes.