info on making your own deck.


ive recently started making my own deck.
i was just wondering how many of you have made your own decks? and how did you go about doing this.
any info or comments are welcome.


You're going to find a ton of information on this: use the search function, and type in 'deck creation' or whatever keywords you can think of, and you'll be rewarded with an amazing amount of verbiage on this very subject, everything from copyright law to collage to printer's jargon. Or, just scroll down the subject list in the 'Tarot Deck Creation' section and pick out things that interest you.

It's a big subject, so it warrants its own section. By the way, how are you proceeding with your deck. Watercolor? Pen and ink? Digital? Collage? We're all curious to hear about individual variations in this process.