infusing crystals with a tarot archetype


In Goldie's thread about healing with tarot - tarotbear mentioned something about using crystals in conjunction with the rituals talked about for healing.

This got me thinking (uh oh :) )

I have just recently read about infusing a crystal with a tarot archetype for healing or magical purposes in the Mary K. Greer book Tarot for Yourself. So tarotbear's comment struck home with me.

It has intrigued me as I love crystals and work with them quite a bit too. And as it seems like some of you have used the book Tarot for Yourself -- has anyone tried this?

I'm just really curious. Will probably try it myself but am just curious as to anyone else's experiences.


I have the book (have not gotten to that part though!), and I love crystals although I do not know much about them ... I would love to learn more about this also. Faunabay if you do do this please share it ... I am really interested!

Love & Light,


I second Jewel's opinion: If you do veture further into this,let us know what happens.

What exactly do you do, when you infuse the crystal? Do you meditate on a certain card, whilst using a crystal, do you send that type of energy into it, what? I'm speculating, but it's probably all wrong!



Well Jewel, I really haven't gotten that far either. LOL I skipped ahead. :p

Anyway this is how Mary Greer explains how you can temporarily or permanantly infuse a crystal.

To temporarily infuse: you first cleanse the card and crystal with smoke, salt, etc. (anyway you feel comfortable). Place the crystal on the card, state your intention 3 times out loud and ask for the essense of the card to enter the crystal. Leave it on the card overnight or use it right away. Or she also says if you know the card and can visualize it very well, just do that and breath the essense into the crystal. (holding the crystal in your hand and breathing on it) The energy will remain until you cleanse the crystal again.

For permanate infusion she says to cleanse both card and crystal like before, then leave the crystal on the card for the 3 nights of the full moon. Then pass the crystal through a sacred wood fire built expressly for this purpose. But she also says to make sure the specific full moon you use corresponds to the archetype and purpose.

Some examples she gives (many more than I'm listing here):

For Healing -
Temperance: for rebalancing auras, healing guidance, general psychic healing

The Tower: for breaking down or burning away obstructions, cancers

Death: for cutting off, releasing, easing transitions (combine with the Star and Strength)

The Moon: to pull or draw out, to relax or bring on sleep.

The Star: for cleansing and purification, to free one from fears, good for stress.

For Magic & Psychic development -
The Hanged Man: for altered states, mystical visions.

High Priestess: especially for clairvoyance, for inner guidance adn protection.

The Moon: for past lives, dream work, astral travel, magic in general.

The Empress: for grounding and centering.

She lists many more, but also states that her listings are only to give you some ideas. Really her whole chapter on crystal and tarot is wonderful. :) Hope this helps a bit. For more thought I definitely recommend the book.


Oh my! Faunabay knows how far behind I am in my reading! And there sits a copy of the Greer book next to my bed being ignored.

I'm going to have to stop reading this forum. Too many interesting things to learn and not enough time to learn them all.

Major Tom

It's just occurred to me that this method could be used to charge a talisman as well. }> Granted crystals are 'designed' to hold energies - I would think that any item created for the specific purpose of holding the energy - e.g. a plate, cup or bowl could be charged with a tarot archetype...

sorry - just thinking out loud. :D


blue - I keep pointing them out. You just keep buying them. :p

Major Tom - I don't see why it couldn't be done with any type of talsiman - or anything you feel drawn to. Crystal always seem to be MY thing though, so that's what I feel comfortable using.

By the way, I tried it today. My card of the day was The World. So I thought what a great opportunity. I have a crystal necklace I made with a stone I dug up. So used that as it's very personal to me. It seemed to work wonderfully. I really felt the World around my neck. (very heavy - LOL sorry stupid joke time) I didn't use it for anything specific other than to keep the positive feel of the World card all day long. And I've just had a great day!!!! I'm definitely going to try this again


this sounds like lots of fun, thanks for the info


Hi Faunabay,
Yes, I have done the permanent infusions (I prefer to call it "charged.") I charged one crystal with the Chariot for protection, to place in my yard. I charged several of my healing crystals with the Star (for emotional healing, I guess Temperance would have been more appropriate for physical healing), and a very large crystal wand I charged with the Magus for channeling psychic power. I also charged all my Tarot crystals with the High Priestess for inner wisdom. Whew!
Anyway, I think that most of my crystals that have specific "jobs" have been charged with the appropriate card's energy under the full moon. And I used the big Thoth deck.
I know you are in the healing arts, so you might want to charge your healing crystals as well.
Talk to you soon,