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I have always been a little tentative in accepting the notion of inner guides, angels and the like. Possibly that was all to do with fear, pride and just the inability to feel that kind of faith.

I am lucky enough to have had some recent different experiences and just recently found some wonderful words in Naomi Ozniec's "Tarot Handbook" which provide the basis of a spread about contact with one's inner guide.

She suggested two questions to ask, after a meditative exercise and I added a third to create a simple three card spread with these questions. Somehow it works for me and may for someone else.

I always use the Hudes Tarot for this spread and spiritual exercise.

HUDES Tarot interpretations

When I first bought the Hudes Tarot I felt very uneasy with what I saw to be it's sadness. I realised later that this reaction was simply identification. I purchased the book "Wisdom in the cards" by A.L. Samuel and this completely changed my perspective.

Samuel used this deck to help her recovery from ovarian cancer and she has devised a set of meditations for each card and suit. They are beautifully written and wonderfully realistic and positive.

I copied all of them into my Orphalese Tarot software and now get quick readings and printouts at any time, but sometimes I just throw by hand and read the interpretations. Usually now I am simply happy to do one throw each week and read Samuel's accompanying interpretations. Her work is inspirational and gives much support and gentle motivation to keep me going.

Anyway this is example of a three card spread, around communication with and getting to know one's Inner Guide, using Samuel’s Hudes interpretations..

What do you need from me and from my life to work with me and be my friend? XXI World

I am open to receiving guidance from all parts of life. I accept both the male and the female parts of my personality.

Help me to be aware of the vast array of resources from which I might receive assistance. Help me again and again, to strive towards awareness and self-actualization.

What do you have to give me that I need from you? V Pentacles

With the help of my loved ones I can weather the storm. I am not to proud todraw on the strength of others to keep going in tough times.

Grant me the ability to open my heart and my sould to help from all quarters as this difficult time presses in on me. Help me to see that those who are by my side will help if I ask for it.

Where do we begin? VIII Cups

As I commit to the journey I trust that I will be guided on my way. I open my inner eye to the guidance that I need.

Help me gain awareness that for every step I take towards the universe, it takes two steps towards me. Assist me in having the courage to begin the process, trusting that you will guide me to the right path

I have a version of this spread which I use on a weekly basis;

* How can we work together this week?
* What do you expect from me this week?
* Where do we begin?

Hope you enjoy this. I love it.

Please do not give feedback on the reading itself, which is only there as an example :)



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What a generous gift you are making here, Moongold! I miss you, but I am glad you popped back in for this. I have already used it :) I integrated it into a 5-card inner guide reading in the Reading exchange.

I don't own the Hudes, but I was thinking of using it with my Haindl, because it is a stunning deck which allows me to go very deep. The weekly spread looks useful too.

autumn star

this is a beautiful spread :)

I have already added it to my spreads diary ... and I think that it will become a well used spread ... thanks for sharing it :)


Its a lovely spread that i can't wait to try out. Thanks for posting.
Sophie xx


This is awesome Moongold. Thanks for sharing. I'm looking forward to trying this one!


What a lovely, postive spread. Thanks. x


I tried this spread last night (I'm a new reader), and I had some wonderful insight!



This one sounds interesting and fun :) Thanks for posting!


wow what a great little spread, thanks for sharing just what I needed, very insightful for my learning journey