Instructions for Tarot Poker...?


In the old forum, I remember that Tarotbear posted something about playing Poker with the Tarot. I don't suppose Tarotbear, or anyone who has his original post printed out or something, would mind re-typing it for the benefit of those of us who never got to play the game!




I still have it somewhere- next time I type it out I'll save it to disk!

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Tarotbear - Could we please have the rules for tarot poker?

I'm hoping to play with the outlaws over the holidays. ;D


O.K., O.K. - I will try to get this info to you by the weekend. I will also save it to disk so that I don't have to retype the whole thing the next time someone needs it ! LOL!! :p I wish I could 'cut & paste' to the forum, but that doesn't seem to work for me. :(



(This explanation was provided by Jana Hollingsworth in her comic strip "Pagan Cowboy Joe" and appeared in GREEN EGG, Yule 1991 issue)

If you can play poker you can play Tarot Poker. The Minor Arcana forms hands just like in regular poker.

The Major Arcana ranks above the Minor Arcana and higher-numbered Trumps rank above lower Trumps.

Major and Minor Arcana hands in ranking order. The Trump hands are marked with a star.

*Trump Straight Flush: any five Trumps in numerical order.
Royal Flush: Ace, King, Queen, Knight, Page all of same suit.
Straight Flush; any five cards in sequence, all same suit.
*Imperial Four: Magician, High Priestess, Empress, Emperor.
Four of a Kind.
Full House: three cards of one rank and two of another.
*Trump Flush: five trumps not in sequence.
Flush: five cards of one suit. not in sequence.
Straight: five cards in sequence, not the same suit.
*Astral Three: Star, Sun, Moon.
Three of a kind.
Two Pair.
One Pair.
*Trump pairs beat Minor Arcana Pairs, In descending order they are:
World and Fool
Judgement and Justice
Any TWO: Sun, Moon, Star
Devil and Lovers
Temperance and Chariot
Hermit and Hierophant
Emperor and Empress
High Priestess and Magician

Fool is wild card.
Wheel of Fortune is wild only in combination with other Trumps.

>> All trump combinations have to make magicakal sense as the union of opposites. <<

{The author makes no mention of Strength, Hanged Man, Death, or the Tower. Does that make them a combination only with the Fool and Wheel cards? I know ZIP about cards playing. I read them- not play with them!-tarotbear}

Ladies and gentlemen - if you please- ANTE UP!


Thanks Tarotbear! Can't wait to play!

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Thank Tarotbear! Printing this out....

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