instrumental tarot??


Hey everybody,
I remember a while ago Dangerdork and I were thinking about a list for an "Instrumental Tarot," (I'll look for the thread l8r)... and anyhow, was wondering if anybody had any ideas, as I've been thinking about actually drawing a few cards. thanx,


magician = flute, every time
moon = kettle drum
high preistess = viola
fool = harmonica

I wonder how much people would disagree...

Major Tom

It's a good idea. I'm really surprised no one has done it before. :eek:

The Devil can play any instrument. Fancy a guitar or maybe a piano?

OH! OH! I've got it! The Devil is a rock & roll band. })


I'm going to take it a step further. The devil is um what's that guys name, sang Great Balls of Fire and his piano actually caught on fire. Married his first cousin when she was only 13. The only problem is this might be to American and not universally recognized. Buddy Holly??? no, no


Jerry Lee Lewis!

As soon as I hit submit post it came to me. Jerry Lee Lewis singing Great Balls of Fire as his piano bursts into flames. This would be a great Devil.

the accordian for temperance. Why? because it uses air to produce sounds, but has a keyboard also, like the piano.

For the Fool, the saw. Yes, the saw. Only the fool with his lack of inhibitions could see a saw and think, "I could make music with this" Or the spoons or the washboard, how about a bluegrass type band using ordinary objects and making music out of them.

HeHe "see a saw" did you guys get that? ;)


Well, I alway thought the devil played fiddle -- anyone else remember that song?


Your right

You are right, but so did Johnny and he won the golden fiddle. :D Still, another good suggestion for the devil.