Intensive Deck Study Support Thread ~ Part 2


afrosaxon said:
This didn't bother me the first time I picked up the deck ten years ago, but now it's just irksome. Then again, I was a different person in a different head space, ten years ago. I was kind of "anti-male", so perhaps that's why I bonded with the deck then. :laugh:
I totally understand what you mean (still being somewhat "anti-male" myself :D although trying hard to reform). For a while, my WoC gave me the screaming s&!ts because I couldn't stand all the New Agey feminist uber-positive stuff. But I've found my own meanings for a lot of the cards, and it's not all as sunshiny as the creator might have had me believe :laugh: I hope that you find the same thing - that you can affix your own meanings and associations to the cards and slough away the irksomeness of it all.
afrosaxon said:
Okay...rant over. *sigh*

Rant all you want, sweetie :) That's what we're here for! I'm impressed that you're driving onwards, not giving the deck a miss after all. Go, girl! (((((T.)))))

\m/ Kat

Keavy McGee


I've decided on my deck!! Woo-hoo!! :D

I originally posted that I would choose between Waking the Wild Spirit, Sakki-Sakki, Nigel Jackson, Paris, and Prague. I really wanted a deck that felt "summery" to me and as I went through my decks, I didn't find a lot of those. It seems I have a lot of autumn/wintery feeling decks :bugeyed: That was a surprise!! Anyway, I also had a problem because most of my decks are in a storage unit 200 miles from here.

So I was chatting with a friend about which deck I was going to use and just casually mentioned that maybe I should consider the Vanessa ~ it's small and portable, I've used it a lot and really love it, the finish is great and will stand up to 90 days of shuffling, and I thought it would definitely keep me interested for the entire season, especially on those days when it's so hot here that all you want is an ice cold piña colada and a laze in the hammock.

So next day, I was getting ready for work and shuffling my Vanessa...don't know why, just was....

Lunchtime, I call my friend to say, Hey, it's the Solstice Moon, gonna be a biggie, good time for cleansing, I'm gonna put my deck out tonight to get it blessed before I begin the IDS, etc.

I turned on my laptop, went to AT, and found a PM from Lynyrd, the Vanessa's creator, asking what I thought of the deck. :bugeyed:

DUH duh duh...

So Vanessa it is!! :D

Here's My Pledge:

I will be faithful to Vanessa from Summer Solstice to Autumn Equinox.

I will do a daily draw with a six-word description and post them to my blog.

I will journal once a week.

I will support my fellow IDSers.

I will have fun!

p.s. Froud’s Faeries will be my oracle deck; I already have a prior agreement with them :laugh:

Now I'm just gonna buy my new journal, put together a Midsummer's Eve ritual to kick this off and I'm ready to roll!!

Good Luck to us all!!



p.s. Will there be a list anywhere of all of the IDSers this round and their decks? That would be cool!!

p.p.s. Already amending the Pledge!! I committed previously to hosting the traveling Noblet deck this summer, so it will be here for three days and receiving my attentions. It will be interesting to see how my Vanessa responds to that!! :D


voyager tarot

Hi to all,
Count me in, as I'm using it for a month (the deck I'm using for my IDS is Voyager tarot). If any of you have this deck and are using it, feel free to talk with me!
All the best,
So, count me in!!


Good choice Keavy!

I am looking for a Vanessa since my niece told me "c'est joli" looking at scans on the screen (translation : "it's nice").

And I still don't know with which deck i will IDS with during july : the Archeon, the Universal fantasy and the Fantastical are all great...


Skimo said:
And I still don't know with which deck i will IDS with during july : the Archeon, the Universal fantasy and the Fantastical are all great...

I am still deciding and the Archeon and Universal Fantasy are in the mix as well for me.

I would really like to do the whole IDS knowing that someone else is using the dame deck.

But I am leaning toward the Circle of Life.



I started with the Golden yesterday. It's so dark and quiet compared to Prague! It feels very strange, but I think it'll be OK. I think I just need to quiet my brain down a little to tune into its frequency. That in itself will probably do me a world of good.

I tried laying out the Majors according to Kat's Tarot Tree, which looks so nice and tidy. I wasn't really feeling it, though. It just didn't make sense -- maybe it's a deck issue. Then I tried moving them around to make my own tree, but I wasn't really feeling that either. I think the problem is that I'm trying to put the cart before the horse here, and instead of trying to be organized, I need to live in confusion for a while and let the the Majors be the unruly monsters they are. Maybe eventually they'll be organizable, but at this point they definitely aren't.

I have a new journaling notebook, and I did a three-card draw today that I haven't written about yet. I am tempted by Starlily's Powerpoint idea.

Good luck to everyone!


IDS people and their decks

Keavy McGee said:
p.s. Will there be a list anywhere of all of the IDSers this round and their decks? That would be cool!!
Here you are, a list of all people who announced they'd do an IDS starting around June 21 (or continuing their IDS from before), in alphabetical order, together with the decks we picked (ETA: I left out the oracles, by the way):

Allure - Songs for the Journey Home
arcana17 - Thoth
Bloudwedd - LS Pagan Tarot (on hold)
cronesayer - DruidCraft
Disa - Buckland Romani + Bohemian Gothic
easternsunrise - Llewellyn
Emily - Liber T
Eugenia Madora - DruidCraft
Faolainn Storm - Arthurian Tarot Hallowquest
Hooked on TdM - 1JJ Swiss
jema - Tarot of the Spirit
Keavy McGee - Vanessa
MistressNatasha - Gilded
Neely75 - Alchemical: Renewed
peridot - Hoi Polloi
PolarBear - Llewellyn Tarot (continuing)
Prism - Golden Tarot
punchinella - Morgan Greer
Quantum James - Liber T
quiet0ne - Victorian Romantic + Osho Zen
rwcarter - Ancient Egyptian Tarot (continuing)
Scion - Liber T + Thoth (continuing)
shamoness - Pearls of Wisdom (original plan completed)
Skimo - Archeon
Skydancer - Pearls of Wisdom
sravana - Fournier/Hadar Tarot de Marseille
Sunemi - Victorian Romantic
thorhammer - Wheel of Change (continuing)
vhrsn - Voyager Tarot
Weed Woman - Morgan Greer

If anything is wrong, please let me know. I'll try to keep this list up-to-date, but if I miss anything, please feel free to let me know (or post a corrected list yourself).


Thanks for making the list Cat!

It looks like the Buckland Romani and I are having great fun. There's plenty to learn and do with it. I may never actually get to the Bohemain Gothic but we'll see I wanted to learn them both in time for Halloween).

A friend invited me to spend a weekend at her house this summer so I will get some real live practice with it and with my aunt and cousin too! Maybe I'll be a "real" reader after this IDS is though :)

Hope everyone's doing well so far. I know some haven't started yet and may be afraid to commit to one deck, but the fear will fade and you'll be glad you did it.


Hi, all! It's nice to be back - did anyone else have issues with AT yesterday??? :confused: Welcome to new initiates :D and congrats to those who've chosen decks.

Prism ~ good on you for trying out the Tarot Tree! I'm not surprised it was a little dim for you - as I've said before, I've spent almost three months getting my head around my deck and only in the last week or two working with the Tarot Tree. I like your description of the Majors as unruly monsters! That's how I feel about them - I read so much better with Minors :D

Cat* ~ Thankyou so much for going to the trouble of keeping track of everyone! Can you please add Scion, continuing with the Liber T and Thoth and book-writing? I've linked your post into my initial post in this thread, so it doesn't get lost :)

\m/ Kat


I'm gonna be continuing with the Liber T as well :thumbsup:

I got pages that need cranking!