Interactive online card 'readings'


In case you haven't found this already :: here's some Tarot fun with Flash. I animated a Tarot reader dealing a 3-card spread of my new deck design, and provided him with capsule 'interpretations'. You can mentally ask your question, then click the man with the cards. He'll shuffle the cards and lay out a 3-card spread for you. (of course, experienced Tarot-ists will ignore the too-brief interpretations and supply their own.)



neat little site you have there...the second link gave me a blank page...might I suggest larger font for the meanings....some are VERY hard to read. I can guess because I know the cards, but others might have trouble


I can't get to either of your links rota. :( It sounds cool, and very much like what I did on my page (did you see that?) it uses scripts rather than flash and isn't animated, but the idea is the same. I think great minds alike, or something. Yay!


hehe...that was very cool! ya know, i have all the tools to make flash animations, but i never play w/ more ideas!! lol...i have too many ideas crammed in my head right now! ;)

and again, i think that was very cool...

many blessings...


p.s. oddly enough, i think it was pretty accurate too! lol


Very nice, rota! I tried three "readings", and each of them were rather gloomy. :( But the cards and the flash site are great!


I am just going to have to say this once and very loudly... THAT BEGGERING 5 OF PENTACLES I CAN'T ESCAPE YOU!!

(ahem) 9 out of ten reading for me have that card in, it is getting frustrating on on elevel, reassuring on another because it shows that there is someone trying to tell me something. I've got to the stage now where all I can think is... 'oh you again'.

Ben ~ Almost dislikes that card.