Interesting Sermon


A friend of mine sent me a link to a sermon (yes, I cringed too when I heard that word), but this guy actually had some interesting things to say. Definitely NOT what is usually preached from a pulpit in my neck of the woods. Here's the link (below the video is the transcript if you would prefer to just read it):
I loved the African proverb he uses: "When you pray, move your feet.":D


:D I like the Nigerian Princess :D


This reminds me of a TV show where a group of assorted clerics were trying to convert people - in a nice sort of way - and the BIG success was the crusty old git who resisted everything till they put him to work in a Salvation Army soup kitchen. He said THAT was what god was all about ! Too right. Pray with your feet.


Thanks for sharing that Bodhiseed. A reminder that good people are good people, no matter what "stripes" they are wearing.