Interesting tarot pairs



i agree completely on your interpretations on the pairs. nice work.
what do you think about this pair?
world reversed- magician?
or wheel- hanged man?
any thoughts?


That would have been interesting to know.

ana luisa

world Rx - magician - a very attractive man and highly skillful will show up and turn your world upside down

wheel - hanged man - a major change in your life will force you to see things in a totaly different way or will force you to make certain sacrifices


JC said:
The 3 of swords (surgery) and the Empress (motherhood) as the final outcome in a romance spread. It was for a friend who was infertile. The outcome hasn't happened yet, but I still think she's going to have an operation that lets her have a baby.

These two could also mean that she'll have a child eventually but it will be a c-section. That would depend on why she's considered to be infertile, of course. Maybe with invitro she could be implanted with an embryo and carry it to term and the Swords indicate the medical procedure. Or maybe the delivery would be by c-section.


When I pull the celestials next to courts-

Star and sun: someone is passing into the next world.

Moon and Sun: someone with unstable moods, bipolar.


My favorite pair

And I've mentioned this a while back in another thread:
3 cups + 5 wands = aggressive flirting i.e. pinching, grabbing, slapping the butt...all in good fun and appears to be good natured but underneath the sparks are really flying.


Baneemy said:
Hierophant + Chariot = Popemobile!

hah! I like that.

7 of Pents and The Hanged Man: In limbo, waiting

8 of Cups, 5 of Cups, 3 of Swords: Ouch!


Kobarot said:
7 of Pents and The Hanged Man: In limbo, waiting

How would you interpret this if they are reversed? Because I got that, twice, today...Maybe I am just feeling impatient but still have to wait anyway? I guess that's the least negative possibility...


I don't know! Perhaps that the waiting is about to end?

Glass Owl

Just bumping up this old thread which I found very interesting.

In a few of my reading lately I have been drawn to putting two cards down for each position.