Interesting tarot pairs


Jenny_writer: This makes perfect sense, actually. And this helps me learn how to interpret the cards more accurately. Thanks so much for your helpful interpretation/advice!



Two of Pentacles + Three of Swords = Having to make a heartbreaking decision.

Two of Cups + The Lovers (Ace of Cups had appeared earlier that day) = Someone who was interested in me, contacting me.

Three of Swords + The Tower (Question: "What can I expect from X?) = Shocking and heartbreaking news. Definitely deal-breaker.

I wish I'd kept better notes over the past few years. I'll look through my old tarot journal.


A triple-carder that came up for what I needed to know about someone, after the deal-breaker mentioned above, came out, and I was a little concerned about their state of mind:

Three of Swords, The Moon, Justice.

I wasn't sure whether or not they were depressed over their own choice, or if they actually thought I was being unfair. The Moon comes up for depression for me, but has come up a couple of times for confusion.

Two of Cups + Four of Pentacles ("What do I need to know about X?" after we'd not been speaking for a month, and I felt both a surge in anger and the butterflies that hit me when he was about to contact me - as with the Two of Cups + The Lovers) = He contacted me later on the same day.

The World + The Empress = Not needing anyone but myself.

Gloria Jean

The Magician and the tower

The magician and the tower, the power for causing change by taking action.


4 of Pentacles + Tower + Fool = Stop clinging to false or outdated ideas and take a leap of faith!

Happened to me two days ago.

Gloria Jean

carcinya said:
4 of Pentacles + Tower + Fool = Stop clinging to false or outdated ideas and take a leap of faith!

Happened to me two days ago.

Very good. When you cling to something you always seem to live in fear of losing it. That is the same as visualizing or worrying that you will lose it, which is praying that you will lose it.

I can have 20 pens and I will always lose my favorite one, because I cling to it and treat it differently. The ones I throw around carelessly are always there. LOL


Judgement + 10 of Swords

Rising up to a challenge while putting an end to any negative thinking, refusing to be stressed and worried....

Gloria Jean

The Tower and the Three of Cups:

The Tower and the Three of Cups:

Changing the Group Dynamic, or a Change of Plans

The tower coming first with the three of cups following represents sudden change in the group dynamic. It is not a business, but rather a close family group. It could also be a group of friends, or friends and family combined. What ever it is, there are emotions involved. Where there are emotions involved, there is likely to be some drama.
When melted together, these two cards are accidentally drawn at the same time. In this case, it is the group that experiences the sudden changes because of the revelations of the tower.


LotusSong said:
Three of Cups + Five of Cups (There's something significant in the RWS symbolism of three cups being held up in the first card and three cups being overturned in the second, but their meaning still escapes me...)

Loss of friendsship.


Sar, many thanks for "bumping" this thread .. i'd never read it, but have learned alot from reading thru it .. and tho i use to read pairs when i 1st. started reading, i haven't utilized this technique for awhile .. so this has got me thinking!