International Icon Tarot nearly ready.


International Icon Tarot

Hello all. I just wanted to announce that my new deck, the International Icon Tarot, will be available in a few weeks. I've just come from the printer's with a big sheaf of proofs, and they're niiiiiice!

This deck will be shrinkwrapped in a snappy green box, with an LWB. (And, for all the people who asked -- a Happy Squirrel card!) Tarot Garden will be carrying them online, so go there for purchasing, and be sure to mention Aeclectic. They'll be available at my site, too, once I get myself in gear.
For anyone who hasn't seen the deck, go here:

By the way, it was here at Aeclectic that I first put the I I Tarot in front of other tarot fanciers' eyes for response. Thank you! to the kind and knowledgeable souls here who helped me out. Major Tom gave me encouragement and ideas at a crucial time, and actually put the designs on t-shirts. Blue_fusion took my early 22 Majors and put them online for me. And it was the insightful comments from everyone that made me sit down and complete the 56 Minors.


Congratulations. It's good to see this all come together and the whole package sounds great (is the Happy Squirrel also an International Icon?)

I have to confess - but maybe this is for the confession thread that's begun in Chat - that I once sat on the EU Icon Standardisation committee (I did not volunteer, I was shoved and pushed.) I went to one meeting and decided that was enough. I just couldn't take the endless debate about the minutiae. So I'm particularly pleased to see that you've brought these guys (and girls) to life - in a way that I'm sure EU committees would not altogether approve of :)

Nice work Rota!


Way to go, Rota! I've been waiting for this one a long time!




That is a really cool deck. I am surprised how the lack of detail on the figures doen't take away anything from what I see in the card.



Is there any more news about the publication of the International Icon Tarot? I have the Ator tarot and I love it! And I think the Icon one is really cool too. I haven't seen it for sale yet though.


i love the colors, and i think this is a deck that "new" to tarot will love! It takes away the "scary" part of the cards, the part that those unfamiliar are put off from!
And it sure makes the tarot an "international language", which it is!!!
Amazing to see how it works, in it's simplicity!

ps: i even did an online reading!!!

:) Good L:uck! :)

Major Tom

This really is good news. :)




Great Job! Your new deck looks awesome! You must let us all know when it will be available for purchase!


Congratulations! I hope it does really really well for you.

You didn't put the Happy Squirrel Card on line did you?


congratulations!!! :) thats very good to hear.

actually, i found a tarot listing which has credited me for the creation of the international icon tarot since i put it up before in my site. but i e-mailed the webmaster already and had the name changed there to yours. i do hope this one will be as successful, if not more, as the Ator Tarot.