Interpreting cards related to magic spells


(This is kind of a strange topic, so forgive me if this the wrong forum -- it seemed like the best match. Also, I know opinions vary on magic -- I'm not really looking to discuss spells, etc., just how to interpret cards when the questions involve them.)

Had a conversation with a friend who is Wiccan and also reads cards and it lead to an interesting conversation about how to interpret cards for magically related topics. Just as an example, she had done a reading to see if a spell had worked. It was a spell regarding a romantic relationship, and for outcome she got the Ace Cups, which to her indicated it had worked.

My initial thought was that the Ace Cups was saying the relationship was what it was on its own merits and that magic was not involved in getting it there.

As we talked about it more, we both felt less confident in our interpretation and were wondering how people handle this in their own readings. Do you look for certain "magical" cards to signify it was a factor? (Magician and High Priestess came to mind for me first, though I'm sure there are others.)


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I've never asked the cards about my spell work - before or after I've done them.
I work more within the mindset of letting go of the spell once it's complete - and trusting that
whatever the outcome, it will be "for the good of all" (which incidentally - is "traditionally" how a Wiccan - which I am - would approach a spell :). It's believed that things don't work if you keep checking to see whether they have. One is supposed to forget the spell, after it's been done. Lol.).

Plus... love spells...
This is all very tricky. Lol.

If they work - I find out later.
If they don't, they don't.
(and I wouldn't do a spell to "make x fall in love with y"...
Regardless of the possibility of effect - I think this mindset is flawed because one is
"playing God" if you like, and all that jazz.
I'd do a spell, with x's permission/awareness - calling for "the lifting of whatever
blocks are preventing x from achieving their ideal connection".).

For love spells - it seems I have a 3 year track record - i.e. it works within 3 years (and I don't do this sort of thing often. I've only done it twice for good friends).

I recently saw a great post on consulting the cards before you do a spell - to see if it's worth the effort - by Lisa Frideborg:
(her Tarot deck is in the archive here on AT by-the-way - The Frideborg Tarot).

Her listings on this spell may give you some-more idea on how to interpret cards in this context.

The Ace of Cups as an outcome...? I would have to know what else was in the consultation spread.
But I would say that the Ace does signify a new romance or deepening of an existing one...



Yeah, as I noted, I didn't really want to get into the issues of spell work because a) it's not my spell or belief system and b) I didn't do the reading. I would have advised her to do several things differently too -- but she didn't, so I can't really change that.


I rather use cards for the spell itself... as I learned it, it's best to let go of the topic completely once the spell has been cast.

However, if I were to divine the success of a past spell, I would read the cards completely as usual.

In your particular case: the Ace of Cups is usually a good sign in love affairs but it's simply the seed of what's to come. This seed needs to be nurtured to succeed. So I'd say the spell had an effect but it hasn't come to fruition yet. Also depends on the spell.


A good point, Farzon. I don't know the exact nature of the spell she was talking about (although I can probably make a pretty educated guess), and I'm sure there are different interpretations depending on the exact wording of the spell.

Maybe I'll see if she feels like she can share the spell in more detail to aid in interpretation. (I didn't press for details because it felt invasive.)