Int'l. Icon Tarot :: all Wand cards available to see --


Int'l. Icon Tarot ::

Go to this address, and click on the 'IIWands' folder to check out all 14 of the cards in this suit.!+Photo+Album&.view=l

And of course, post comments and criticism here. I want to hear what you have to say.

This is a continuation of the 'International Icon Tarot' majors I posted at the same Yahoo address last year. Several people encouraged me to continue with the minors, so I have. These are all made in Illustrator 10.


Says you have to sign in!


Still says to sign in!

Insomnia Turtle

Try this

Here is a link that will let you in. (I hope you don't mind rota)!+Photo+Album&.view=l

Edit: Whoops! Just copy and paste the whole line into your address bar. That will work.

rota - I love your set of wands :). I can't wait to see more!


Insomnia Turtle, you're a wonder! Thanks extremely! Web addresses just give me a headache....

But I'm happy you liked the Wands. I plan on uploading the other 3 suits as I have them complete.


insomnia still did not work for me!!


That link gets you in to see the majors, but not the minors. Hmm.

Major Tom

Rota - I guess you know I like your work. :)

I can't get the link to work. Even with copy and paste.

Have you considered a website? I've got your majors up on mine - would you like to send me these? (not too large please ;) )

I really would like to see your new cards. :)