Intuitive Breakthrough

mah jong

I have a little story for you. I took up Tarot to better develop my intuitive self. Usually I read for myself. Sometimes I'll read for charity auctions, practice on friends and co-workers. While my readings are usually helpful to people, I'm not attuned enough to be highly detailed; for example, "Last week you met a dark haired stranger at the grocery store who you will marry in two years." Those aren't the kind of readings I have the insight to give.

This afternoon, I did a reading for a sitter I don't know well. We work in a large workplace, at opposite ends of the building in different capacities. She's in her 50's, well established in her white collar job and is starting to think ahead to what she wants to do with the rest of her life. During the first part of the reading, she wasn't outwardly reacting to anything. It was hard to tell whether she was getting anything out of the reading.

I then drew the reversed Queen of Swords. In the moment I interpreted it to mean that this was not the time to make a decisive decision about her future. She shouldn't rush into anything just yet. Without thinking about it I then said, "This is not the time to quit your job and hitchhike to Newfoundland." Newfoundland is far away from where we are. As far as I was concerned, this was a random place to mention.

She then asked me why I said Newfoundland. I told her it just popped into my head. The sitter told me that her husband has recently suggested to her that she quit her job so they can move to Newfoundland." There was no possible way I could have heard this somewhere!

The sitter was certainly more interactive the rest of the reading which went well. Hopefully she found the reading helpful. That intuitive moment was very special for me.


Very cool šŸ˜Š Could be used as an example of a collective consciousness (for those who believe in that). I bet you broke some barrier she had in her belief system.


Amazing story. :) Intuition can be so tricky, sometimes it's supers strong and comes with new "hits" like bam bam bam! And sometimes it's just whispering a little in the background...


I know just how you feel. As a throwaway at the end of one reading I did I once said there looked to be something wrong with my sitter's eye. I even said which one. She said yeah, she'd been meaning to see a doctor. Since then she has lost the sight in that eye :(

Then there was the time I mentioned a cat out of nowhere, and my sitter said the neighbour's cat had befriended her after her own dog died. The cards can be amazingly literal!


This is a great example of the amazing things that happen when we're using Tarot. Things like this keep me hooked on reading cards. :)


I'm so happy for you!! What an excellent experience for both you and her--dare I say, especially for you. :)

Man, I had an experience like this for myself recently, actually! (Not to steal your thunder, but to share in it. The ending to my story isn't great, anyways.)

I read for a coworker who works elsewhere in the same building too, actually. Mainly by color (not by card content), with three cards, something screamed to me that
1.) an uncle of hers was very sick,
2.) her mother was worrying herself witless over it,
3.) my sitter was actively ignoring her mother, trying to get her to toughen up, and
4.) something terrible was going to happen, so she'd better make contact soon!

Her jaw dropped! She iterated her story to me and I'd been dead on. But her final response was just kind of a shrug, and she said, "Wow. Tarot cards are really cool. That's interesting that they can do that."

I just felt so proud and she just kind of attributed it to the cards being "mysterious" :p I was still really happy, even though the spread itself was rather negative. Ah well :D I wonder if any other readers have been super proud of themselves, but their sitters didn't recognize their intuitive breakthrough! I think it can be difficult for a sitter to know what the cards "say," and what the readers actually pull themselves.

mah jong

Thank you all for the supportive feedback and for sharing your own remarkable accounts. it's amazing what inexplicable level of consciousness we can achieve (or at least brush up against) using this tool called tarot.


I love to hear of experiences like this! That is amazing and cool, and yes, I've also had things like this occur. Really hits you at times, when this does happen, doesn't it? :D



I have been getting flashes of intuition for quite a while now. I suddenly understand exactly what a card is trying to tell me. Great feeling!


That's a great story, thanks for posting it. Like VoiletDaisy mentioned, collective consciousness, or whatever other term we use, is evidenced from time to time. It's such a great experience when we don't discount the clues. Now that you've made that connection I bet you'll find it easier as time goes by.