Intuitive Exercises


I'm here.. :) Very cool to see you offering this thread!

Could you link myself with M and tell me what kind of energy you get between us?

Thank you..



Could you give me some insight into the energies surrounding my next job? :)


Hiya z!

What is the current energy between me and Joise M?

Thanks z!


?Ahoy matey,

thank you for sitting. Initial feeling was located in the Heart Chakra, which quickly moved. Sinking feeling. A good start, very promising. Turn then into something realistic.
Now heavy feeling in the upper armmuscles - I feel the need to pull them tight to my body. There's not enough room for all the projects. Crammed, tight schedule. Lots of work, slight feeling of uneasiness.

Let me know =)

Thank you, zhadee.

Well, I do feel excited about the new start, so the heart chakra makes sense. I know that the job is likely to be very busy, a lot of projects, as you said. And it's probably why you get the tension and uneasiness. But if it's just slight, then I guess it's not that bad! Thank you very much for the reading!