Intuitive Exercises


Hi Noni, this is pure 3rd mind reading.
In each thread's initial post I write: no 3rd party mind reading. It's not the first time you're sitting for me. Why don't you respect my request?

Just reading your question gives me a strong feeling of anger and a stinging sensation in my head like a dagger piercing through my skull - your man does not wish to connect, he does not wish to give that kind of information. It's none of my business.

What I'm getting now is a deep whaft of sadness, and the message - if you don't know/feel it by now, you are not the right one for him.

I'm sorry to convey that message. I received it nonetheless.

OK...thanks for the message, Zhadee.
I appreciate it.
Apologies again for putting you in an uncomfortable position. Guess I was to receive the message you got nonetheless....I do feel he is a nice person but we met online so I don't really know him that well and there is always a tug between knowing and feeling. The past I could have sworn that the man I loved had a great heart and was a good human being-kind hearted etc. and guess did not turn out that way in their interaction with me. So its human nature to doubt especially in the inception of a new relationship....I don't believe in right or wrong ones...I've met right one/s where every fibre of my being told me that he was the one for me, made for me lol and they were not right...We are all not as connected as others to our feelings or sensations Zhadee, or are unable to trust you, apologies I should have asked a better question or framed it in a way that I got something meaningful out of it and you did not feel this way. My bad for sure for not respecting your rules...I thought you will change my question or something. Also I was not in a good frame of mind just one more disappointment. Anyways I appreciate your time, energy effort :)

And my sincere apologies


Hi Zhadee,

i thought of another idea for you to practice on but not sure if you need to open a new thread for this... one of us can pull card(s) and you can try to sense which ones? Just a thought.

Have a good day :)


ahoy matey,
I've never liked those online ESP-tests. :joke:
I doubt that I'll open another thread on clairsentience. Reading a "wrong" question gives me a headache, and presents me with a set of unwanted feelings I find very hard to remove from my system.

Ah ok ... šŸ˜Ž


Ahoy matey, that's a third party mind question. I'm not sure, whose energies I'm getting here, and who they are referring to.

The initial feeling was in my sacral chakra - a heavy feeling, deeply rooted displeasure.
Sacral chakra is assigned to the element of Water, and early childhood. It deals with desire, sexuality and the emotional joys of life. My present feeling hints towards a blockage.

Another message I'm getting is jealousy. Again, I'm not too sure whose feeling is this.

I will connect myself with the situation you seem to have on your mind. It's the hallway. There are 3 people. Now I get a sinking feeling in my solar plexus chakra. Here you have your system of belief, identity and self-confidence. My feeling of uneasiness hints towards another block.

Not that you are generally blocked in these two areas of life, but the present situation seems to confront you with unsolved conflicts from the past. And of course, the trapped emotions in regards to your sisters.
All these hidden emotions seem to build up inside of you. They might get very strong, and you could fear of losing control.

Breathe. Relax. It does not matter what she thinks, or how she gets along with your bf. Get your stuff in order, define the present state of your relationship with your sister. You don't have to compete with her.
One fear I'm getting here - it's not a premonition, and no prediction either. Please keep that in mind - that your bf could like her more than you. Because you still seem to see yourself inferior to her. That's the part which needs healing before you keep wondering how these two will get along.

let me know =)
thank you
it is actually going really well and all of us communicate in harmony - so no real issue except from my side after she has taken my and M's partner's generosity for guaranteed - i had a short breakout but my partner calmed me down instantly. now it all goes very well and she is at ease too in our company. it should stay that way for the week -
i dont feel she is being jealous or feeling inferior.

thanks for the read, it did make sense xo