Intuitive Exercises


Ahoy Goth,

thank you for sitting!

The feeling starts in my navel region/ 2nd Chakra. Tingling sensation, happy feeling. The next thing was a heavy feeling from the hip down to the feet, very grounded and solid.
Then the feeling moves to my right hand, which becomes heavy.
Like this is the right thing to do, and it's the right place to be.
Happy feeling in the navel region remains steady, does not move, does not change.

I've never done this before. I don't know what these description mean to a stranger.

Writing this presents me with a soft pulling at the shoulders/upper back - the message should uplift you and straighten your back/neck. You should look ahead, feeling positively.

Let me know =)
Sounds like the course of a friendship I had with M. Started out exciting, then it got to a point where it became a realistic understanding, then we evened out and have been in this place since. That's really all I can feedback with.

Cool! And thanks again..


By the way... Let me know if you'd like a return intuitive reading. :)


Hi D,

Thank you for sitting.
I don't feel a thing. No specific physical reaction, no connection.
I'm sorry.

Hey z!

This makes sense...we parted ways some time ago, so this is spot on! There is a strong sense of separation indeed..

Can i ask what is the current energy between me and Roberta M?

Thanks z!


Hello Zhadee. I'm curious to know if I will meet a potential love partner. Thanks.


Thank you Zhadee!


Oh, yes! I can never resist your readings. :joke:
Am I on the right track doing this form of divination or should I stick with the cards?

I'm using my labradorite ball for your reading.


  • Crescent moon faced, cloaked creature (waning)
  • Physical Birth
  • Raccoon

Okay, what I get from these images at a glance is yes, but there could be consequences. This will be a brand new and growing experience where you physically read your own body to get answers for others. The waning moon creature has me feeling like this is something very powerful, however if you are not careful, you could end up depleting your own energy sources during the process. The cards do not affect you this way but this kind of reading might. The raccoon symbolizes a powerful and playful curiosity. This nocturnal creature, along with the "moon" indicates you prefer doing these readings at night when all is calm and serene. He goes after what he wants until he gets it. This tells me you'd very successful with this kind of reading for as long as you pursue the practice.

Google Raccoon as a spirit animal for more info..

I say go ahead and allow yourself to go onto the next level. Just make sure you protect yourself from being drained by taking breaks and closing yourself up when you need to.

Good luck! :)