Intuitive Exercises


I should have been more specifically, D.
I don't get a connection with you, let alone the connection between another person and you. I'm sorry.

Oh, now i understand :D

Thanks anyway z!


Hi, may I?

What do I need to know about my next lover? :)


Ahoy, thank you for this reading.
I do these readings in daylight, it's now early evening. It's something that has been with me from early childhood, and I've been scared of it because physical sensations used to hit me like a hammer - I could not cross a street, and then the next second a car shot past by. And also very simple everyday things, like the reluctance of throwing something away. Not thinking, but feeling it in my arms. The next day, it came in handy.

Only recently, I came across some possible explanation - clairsentience. I did not know this was existing, and I've confused it with empathy (which I am not - I could not work in my profession) because I clearly feel physical sensations that are not those of the person in front of me.
This has had a draining, and nearly destructive effect on me. I had no idea what was going on with me, and I thought I was going crazy. Turns out, I am seemingly a very sane person and I finally seem to develop this gift.

Now I must learn how to close myself, and be in control. Reading cards is one way of being in control, but I sometimes get these feelings nonetheless. I can always read the cards, tricky part is to make it match with my gut feeling.

I'll google your Raccoon =) Thank you! This is really encouraging!

PS: the Raccoon looks a bit like a pirate, does it?
Yes, pirates and raccoons both wear eye patches and are both looters. :joke:

Ah, so then the birthing image means you were born with this gift. And the nocturnal symbolisms might suggest doing this at night when things are most calm so your energy doesn't get looted! ;) Remember you'll be using your body as an oracle to get information from other people.

Thanks for the feedback. It helps me understand the images I get..


Hi Zhadee,

Hope you're well. May I sit for a reading?

If so, it is a romance question.

I have recently blocked and deleted somebody, person x. It's because this person behaved quite disrespectful, hurtful and I have decided to purge. Do you see me hearing regret from them, or hearing from them again? Either scenario, I'd hear this person out, but do not wish to make place for them in my life.


Sorry, I have tried my best to modulate this question in a way that it doesn't seem like third party mind reading. Guess I need a full-stop here.


Thank you for offering to sit, RA.
This is not a question you can give feedback to. Apart from me not wishing to read a third person's mind or attitude. I guess I might do that, but I see very little use for that sort of exercise. I also find it difficult to read that question. Initial reaction was anger.

If you allow, I will read the impact of this person's energy on you.

This gives me a physical reaction - I get a piercing headache on the left side of my skull/head. Left side is the 'wrong' side. Wrong thinking, RA.
I also feel a bit sick - this might come from feeling unwell, feeling scared, or there's something fishy about either that person or the relationship. or what they did to you. But the most intense thing is here the headache, which feels like the beginning of a terrible migraine.
I also get tensed shoulders, and I find it hard to swallow - getting along with this person demands a lot from you.

This person gives you bad juju, RA. You may like the idea you have of them, but this person might not be at all what you think them to be.

I have to sneeze, I feel like I'm getting the flu - this is clearing from that person's energy. You're better off without them.

Thanks for sitting. I'm very new to this, please be gentle with your reply.

EDIT: now the energy has shifted. A change is taking place. I feel warmth, and energy rising. Heart chakra is working - is that you, feeling better?

Yes, I do feel better

Reading your reading, I feel bad asking you to read for this question. I didn't realise or fully appreciate that you're trying to read based on your feelings. I know I have been feeling terrible about this, and the thought that you had to emotionally tap into the frustration and pain of the past few months makes me feel bad. I have depression anyway, so, the energy may be heavy.

I'll make sure next time its card readings.

Sorry again.

To give you feedback, I'm not sure how, but I'll try my best, please ask to clarify if you want me to elaborate on something

So migraines
I've never had migraines before. There has been over thinking, falling ill sometimes, and upset so that's what it may relate to. Falling ill for me is usually a) depressive states, b) getting a cold (imnunity and stress have a relationship as you would know)

Back tension - yes, anxiety stress related to it.
Swallowing difficulty - yes, emotionally demanding. Abusive I would say

There was an appeal, but I think I go through memory loss when I start talking to them (childhood issues connection) I'm going to start journaling feelings, will be better for me.

Thanks again


HI Zhadee,

I had a dream in February of this year that turned out a past life experience. From that I traiced that I had a man who loved me and a daughter from that relationship. I actually found a photo of me and my daughter from last century. Now, that said .. I have a very distant memory of how he looks like as I could not find his records but I can feel he is here too. In this timeline... I'm looking at a rabit hole and I am scared. What do you see?