Iridescent (Hope)


Iridescent by Linkin Park
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This is one of my favorite songs off of Linkin Park's new album. It's a song basically of hope. No other way to put it, it's that simple. Simple songs, simple messages, simple spreads. As much as I love a lengthy spread I know that some of the simplest ones are the strongest haha. So here ya go.​

Card one; You
"You were standing in the wake of devastation. You were waiting on the edge of the unknown"
----This is your present situation or mindset. This will probably end up being an emotional spread so pay attention to any emotions you can read from this card.

Card two; Impossibly Alone
"With the cataclysm raining down Inside's crying save me now You were there impossibly alone"
----What has you feeling this? This is a much broader view of your situation. Look for influences, whether they be external or internal. Pay attention to similarities between this card and the previous one you pulled.

Card three; Blinded Angels
"And in a burst of light that blinded every angel As if the sky had blown the heavens into stone"
----This card represents what gives you hope or inner peace. Maybe an activity you enjoy, someone that makes you smile, or a memory you cherish.

Card four; Let it Go
"Do you feel cold and lost in desperation You build up hope but failure's all you've known Remember all the sadness and frustration And let it go Let it go"
----The advice from this card is what will help you forget your failures, sadness, and frustration, and start living in a more positive mindset.

Feel free to draw an outcome or an other advice card if you wish


Lemme know what you think. Or if you have lyrics you want spreadified, I'm up to it.