Is anyone still studying this deck?


I was just wondering if anyone was still studying this deck. I have not seen any recent activity but would be interested in studying with anyone who feels led to do so.


I study it for myself, which is why you don't see my posts here - because there aren't any. That doesn't mean that I won't respond to posts here, though.


The study threads are always open, however old and so if you want to make any notes or points about each card you can write on the threads and they may help others in future :) I haven't studied the deck seriously but do update threads if I can add anything to them here when I read with the deck :thumbsup:

I like to personally just post as I am using them but you might find someone who wants to study it with you. It's quite an old deck now, first published in 1995 and so probably doesn't have a huge interest of a whole group of people these days.